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Future State of Weekly Releases Posts

Hi everyone, JP here! I first wanted to say thank you to everyone who's supported my website since it launched back in August 2018. Whether you've been here since Day 1 or found us along the way through our review, interview, and Weekly Releases posts, THANK YOU!

As you might have noticed, this website has primarily been a Weekly Releases site for the last couple of years as our Review Team all went their separate ways to pursue other areas of interest. However, this past week was the first week I did not put out a Weekly Releases post and since a few of you had reached out, I figured I'd make a post.

To keep a long story short, I came down with COVID last week, which left me bedridden for the entire week. During that time, something happened that hadn't happened in over 4 years...I was forced to take a break from social media as I didn't even have the energy to post or keep up with anything. By the time I was feeling better, I wanted to use what little free time I still had of the weekend to just relax, which is why there's no post.

However, this past week really showed me the effects that being on social media 24/7 had on me and also led to another big change for me. I've decided to significantly cut back on my social media presence. I've removed myself from nearly every Discord, FaceBook, and Twitter group I've been a part of and plan to not really post consistently for the foreseeable future.

This all leads back to the Weekly Releases post in that I've decided to also take a break from putting these out. While I've thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with the Nintendo Switch and also helping others be kept in the loop, I will say thank you for everyone's support.

There are some other channels out there also providing this content, so I'd recommend following them if you don't want to miss out on any news and releases.

Again, thank you all for all your support!

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