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Game Review #089: RAZED (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Frankie W.

Developer: Warpfish Games

Publisher: PQube

Category: Racing, Platforming

Release Date: 12.19.2018

Price (at time of review): $11.99

Buy RAZED from the Nintendo eShop here.

More Lines Than a Million Pair of ADIDAS

Man, I thought I was dying a lot playing Odium to the Core, but little did I know I had this little gem waiting for me in the same week! RAZED is a very interesting game which is about the player having dual-personality, talking super-shoes on your feet, which feature such abilities as super speed, ultra-high jumping, drifting, and more. The other ability? If you stop moving for too long, they explode! The action never stops in this game that is equal parts endless runner-on-steroids, platformer, and just a dash of puzzle in there, as you tweak your perfect runs to the demands of the game.

These Shoes Were Made for Running

You aren’t beating any of the later levels without absolutely MASTERING each of the 60 levels contained within this game, which are spread around six worlds, each featuring different visual styles. You can upgrade your abilities over time by collecting more well-hidden upgrades in levels, to make them take less of your gauge that dictates if you explode or not. So essentially, in order to even complete some segments, you need to nearly perfect your runs to ensure you don't explode in midair—because you aren't technically running in the air, so your gauge is emptying and getting you closer and closer to exploding.

The game even features a one-button instant level reset because of how intense it can be! At the end of the first world you get get some abilities, and there is a boss fight with the hilarious developer character. I really loved him, as he was pretty funny, and he's the one who decided to take you and put you into the super shoes. As you make your way through the beautifully neon-lit levels, try not to get distracted by the absolutely gorgeous visuals, because your full attention is required for this game if you want to succeed.

One Step at a Time

You start with your basic “just running to the end of a level”, to then seeing how to fall onto bounce pads and how to run on slanted walls. Then you get the Jump, which allows you to pop into the air at the cost of, at the start, about half of your “heat gage”, so then it will start to teach you to keep an eye on that, since previously you were fine as long as you kept running on the ground.

So, not only do you have the initial cost for the jump, now you will lose more depending on your hang time as well. Once that is established, they introduce crystals that will fill your gauge back up, so you can run more. By doing that, it opens up the possibility of longer platforming sections by adding crystals to the mix, but that's another layer of perfection required on top of this delicious cake.

After you are managing your hang time in the air, your jumps, making sure that you get all of the crystals and try to find the hidden jump upgrades, you get the ability to drift in either direction for pinpoint turns and crazy U-Turns! I really loved how the layered gameplay just kind of eases you into each gameplay element and builds on it. It is satisfying, but hard to master. These kinds of games really appeal to the masochist in me, honestly. There's something about getting the PERFECT run and hitting that goal that just really does it for me.

Tying It Up

This game is buttery smooth in its visuals and controls. Being that the controls are extremely responsive, your deaths always feel due to your actions, rather than being unfair game mechanics or anything else. This game also features an awesome electronic soundtrack to keep the deaths interesting, as you fine tune your run to perfection. I actually quit writing for a few and played more, so I could unlock more abilities. I added even more madness to what was already present, so I don’t think that trend is going to stop! I want to see what this game has to offer, so I know I will continue to play it, and for $11.99, this game has a lot of gameplay to offer—but it is not the faint of heart or the easily defeated! I give RAZED, a 7 out of 10!

Final Score: 7/10

Buy RAZED from the Nintendo eShop here.

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