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Game Review #092: Omega Strike (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Frankie W.

Developer: Woblyware

Publisher: Digerati

Category: Action, Adventure, Metroidvania

Release Date: 12.24.2018

Price (at time of review): $14.99

Buy Omega Strike from the Nintendo eShop here.

It is so nice to find a game that just really hits all the marks it sets out to hit, and its also one of my favorite genres! I love Metroidvanias, from obviously my love for Metroid, the Castlevania games as well as a host of other tributed games. The open exploration and item/ability based progression formula really resonates with me. Omega Strike is a game that learns from the best in the genre, while adding its own spin on the formula! I know setting wise, I don’t think I've really played a military themed Metroidvania like this!

The story isn’t ultra exciting, but its a reason for the setting to be there! Essentially, a scientist made a super soldier serum that was widely distributed by the military and used globally. After some amount of time, he revealed it turned them into mindless drone soldiers that are only loyal to him, Doctor Omega! He uses his army of super soldiers to start to take over the world, and it falls on a small rebel faction with a three man cell of specialists, and that is where you come in! Let's delve more into this great Metroidvania game, and some of the great things it does!

Time to Suit Up

The gameplay is split between three characters who all have their own primary weapon and special abilities that can be rapidly changed similar to Castlevania 3. You will have to master each of their abilities if you want to uncover all the secrets and fight all the enemies you will encounter. This is because they each have their own areas to tackle and situations where you have to rapidly switch between them in the middle of action! This game starts out with something I really love, which is you start with all three of your characters:

  • Sarge (OG grizzled hero) - wielding a forward shooting assault rifle with good range, but at the start offering no special abilities.

  • Bear (Big, bald and powerful) - he has a gun that is affected by gravity and bounces, which is absolutely fantastic for fancy shots to hit enemies at odd angles. He can also use his big old muscles to move boxes for puzzles and unlocking new areas.

  • Dex (the shotgun wielding, stealth suit wearing man) - whose short range shotgun offers big damage at higher risk, and he also has a double jump allowing more mobility in the air to get to other areas!

As you make your way through the starting area, you will naturally gravitate towards either Bear or Dex because they have additional abilities and more useful shot patterns at this point rather. This is unlike Sarge's short range forward shooting shot that never stands out over the course of the starting level.

The game then takes a Symphony of the Night vibe, and takes Dex and Bear away from you, leaving you with the more under-powered Sarge. By giving you a taste of what you will get, it gets you motivated to get those back, as well as giving you an idea of what kinds of mechanics you will have to get used to in the future. Sarge gets his own abilities as you go, and then the range and speed of his weapon really turns it into a weapon great in situations of its own. So, by the time you get everyone back, he finds his place in the gameplay.

Stop and Stare

This game has some GORGEOUS pixel graphics! The backgrounds move beautifully, the colors and style of the characters pop like crazy on the screen, and it really is pleasing to see. This game features over 45 enemies from drone like soldiers with a slow shot, half mutated drones running back and forth trying to bite you, big tanks and more! At this point I’ve fought over 5 bosses and each of them have been a ton of fun, showing a lot of personality and great animations. Visually this game has been great, and the soundtrack has been memorable. Having bouncy main themes for areas mixed with lots of other varieties for the more industrial areas, you find yourself in awesome boss themes! All in all, the atmosphere and aesthetic of this game is completely on point, and I found myself taking extra time to take in the graphics and sounds of this game.

That's a Wrap

Omega Strike really held my interest, and is absolutely getting 100%’d in the future by me. I love the genre, and I can’t wait to see what else Omega Strike has to offer by the end of it. I imagine more fun enemies, more awesome puzzles and hidden items, and more crazy abilities to navigate the world! This game get a 8/10 from me, and a super heavy recommendation!

Final Score: 8/10

Buy Omega Strike from the Nintendo eShop here.

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