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Game Review #137: Gunman Clive HD Collection (Nintendo Switch)

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Reviewer: Chad M.

Developer: Hörberg Productions

Publisher: Hörberg Productions

Category: Platformer, Action, Arcade

Release Date: 01.17.2019

Price (at time of review): $3.99

Buy Gunman Clive HD Collection from the Nintendo eShop here.

How The West Was Won

Action platformers are all over the eShop at this point, but it is hard to navigate which are worth the price, and which need to be avoided altogether. One type of game that isn’t so widespread is western genre games, and Gunman Clive 1 & 2 are just that, but with a slight twist. Swedish indie developer, Hörberg Productions, first released Gunman Clive on Android back in 2012 to mild fanfare, but when it was brought over to the Nintendo DS it was embraced and was a hit, as was the second installment. They also made their way to the Wii U as an HD collection, and now the Nintendo Switch has also received that collection. So, in an ever-growing eShop market, we will take a closer look to see if you should fork over your money for this western shooter.

The Gunslinger Cometh

Set in a futuristic Wild West, you play as either Gunman Clive, Ms. Johnson, or Chieftain Bob, who must save the mayor’s daughter. The storylines for both games seemed very similar. In basic terms, you play as one of the characters in this side-scrolling shooter while you navigate through traps, platforming, and tons of well-armed bad guys trying to end your life. It doesn’t stop there, as everything is trying to kill you, from the aforementioned traps, to men with guns, but also wild animals—I’m looking at you, wild duck—that seem to have rabies, or are just trained to kill you. But that’s what makes it so great. As you go on, the enemies only get wilder, as things happen that you’d never see in an episode of Bonanza. This is even more so true with the second game, as it wastes no time before you’re battling killer robots and walking on ceilings in a mysterious castle with blocks falling from the sky—a nod to Tetris, which is only one of the many nods to classic games.

Controls & Gameplay

The controls are fairly simple with your normal motion controls followed by jump and shoot. It pays homage to games like Mega Man and Super Mario with its similar gameplay mechanics and awesome boss battles. Easily one of my favorite aspects was the boss battles that felt very rewarding to play and if it ever felt too hard or easy you can dial up or down depending on your preference. With 16 stages in the first and 25 in the second it is a quick playthrough that as soon as you beat you’ll be ready to do it again. The character Chieftain Bob plays as a hard mode as he doesn’t have a projectile weapon. While using Ms. Johnson, during platforming she glides down, again paying homage to princess peach.

Fun Factor - Audio & Visuals

This game is so darn fun I couldn’t stop playing it. I want to go back and play both games with every character. The platforming is solid, and the shooting feels crisp and satisfying when you get the upgraded weapons like spreader, heat seeking, and explosive rounds to name a few. The first game is a little more straightforward with the gameplay, but was always fun to play. Now, with the second game it really stepped up a notch, as over the 26 levels, every level feels so unique and different. When I got to the level where I’m flying like in Starfox 64—again, homage—shooting down bad guys in hot air balloons, I knew this game was something special. 

The soundtrack was the only thing I wish was a little stronger in the first game, but it got better overall. The art style is like sketched pencil-drawings with minimal color that have come to life, and it looks so cool. The second game changes it up, adding more color, and has more going on overall visually. Levels in the first are designed well, but by the second game, the level design was upgraded quite a bit with some great looking stages that really help immerse you in the game. I mean, the second I walked out into the snow—which was polar opposite from the stage before—it felt organic and natural. The character design and art as well is well-done with a gold star being given for some great bosses that looked different every time, and always matched the stage you were in.

It’s A Wrap!

This collection is a no-brainer, especially at this price point. This should be in everyone’s Switch library. It’s so much fun! It oozes character and style, and finds a way to always keep things feeling fresh. This is a must-buy game. Stop reading and go buy this game!

Score: 9/10

Buy Gunman Clive HD Collection from the Nintendo eShop here.

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