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Game Review #166: Evoland: Legendary Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: FrankieW

Developer: Shiro Games

Publisher: Shiro Games

Category: RPG, Action

Release Date: 02.07.2018

Price (at time of review): $19.99

Buy Evoland: Legendary Edition from the Nintendo eShop here.

Evoland Legendary Edition is a collection of the two Evoland games that originally debuted on mobile. The hallmark of these two games is that the graphics and gameplay change as you go on, and both of them do it different ways. You will find yourself feeling you aren't even playing the same game anymore because of how different this game gets over the course of playing through it. Featuring tons of classic feels and references, these games only get better the more extensive your gaming career has been.

The Evolution of Gaming

Evoland 1 is a constant evolution of the game. You start out only being able to move left and right, you unlock more movement options, ways to fight back, and the ability to be hit more than once. You essentially move throughout the history of video games while also constantly changing gameplay styles. You start out playing like a Zelda game, and move to an RPG like battle with an Active Time Battle system and then onto more of an action RPG style. It really is cool, and the way everything is constantly changing will keep you interested and engaged in the game. The story in Evoland 1 is pretty much hit for hit your generic hero saves the world story, but it is purposeful.

Evoland 1 is a serious love letter to the games of yore and the entire genres it represents. It really is awesome! It also has a bunch of hidden collectibles throughout the game so you can put even more time into this one. The run time on the 1st one isn’t crazy, but it sure is a fun romp, especially if you have been gaming for 20+ years! There will be a ton of references that you will appreciate from your gaming career that is for sure, and I’d even say the writing is good just based on all the quips and jokes. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and in the end, that is a positive for it! Evoland 1 was a pretty quick romp, but it sure was a great one!

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Now Evoland 2, this game is why this review took so long to get out, because the day I was supposed to write this review… I just couldn’t put this game down. I’m serious, I played it until I had to leave for work, came home and started playing it again. This game takes everything they practiced and learned in Iand seriously cranks it up to 11 in every aspect. Starting out in a traditional Zelda style with 16 bit graphics, you quickly figure out that, yes indeed, this is a game involving time traveling shenanigans. Instead of the style of Evoland 1 where the game constantly builds upon itself, Evoland 2 uses the time travel shenanigans to move you around various different styles of the game, from old school Nintendo-esque, to moving to SNES style and then the future just looks GREAT!

The graphics are like super smooth PS2 graphics in the future segments, and it is just so aesthetically pleasing. Now gameplay wise, we have EVEN MORE things to do here. From your Zelda style gameplay, now we also add platforming segments, parts that are like shoot-em-up games (yay!), puzzle games, fighting games and more! This game also has a TON of super fun mini games that are actually a blast to play, and they reference even more genres of games than the base game.

Oh man and the MUSIC! I did not expect at all to be blown away by the sound design in this game. Nearly every track is seriously an absolute banger. I found myself humming the tunes more often than not, and even playing the sound track in the Game Store where I work! It was a serious treat for the ears without a doubt. The main cast of characters is likable and funny, with the writing being even better in this one.

It’s time travel shenanigans and the cast knows it! The stakes are much higher in this game story-wise, and it pays off without a doubt. Side characters and more are all charming and memorable, and a lot of them are referenced later in the game or they show up later for even more antics. Evoland 2 was absolutely fantastic, and by itself is more than worth the price of admission.

Gold Seal of Approval

Both of these games are awesome in their own ways, and to have both of them together in one release is a serious treat. Any long-time fan of video games would love this game and I can’t recommend it enough. Even if you are new to gaming, the likable characters, great gameplay, and worlds are more than enough to keep you around, and maybe even make a fan of you! I give Evoland Legendary Edition an old school 10/10, and FrankieW’s gold seal of MUST PLAY!

Score: 10/10

Buy Evoland: Legendary Edition from the Nintendo eShop here.

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