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Game Review #219: Assault On Metaltron (Nintendo Switch)

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Reviewer: Jordan M.

Developer: Blue Sunset Games

Publisher: Blue Sunset Games

Category: Strategy/Action

Release Date: 3.20.2019

Price (At time of review): $6.99

Buy Assault On Metaltron on the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Some Serious Heavy Metal

Our home planet of Metaltron has been invaded! The orcs and the humans have combined forces and invaded your metallic home world. Elder Golem has chosen YOU to defend it, so now you have no choice but to race to fight back against the incoming waves of enemies. It’s up to you as a solo player or in co-op with a friend as you create all kinds of towers to defeat the invaders throughout over forty different levels. Welcome to Assault on Metaltron.

Welcome to Metaltron, Try Not to Steel Anything

This game plays basically like your classic tower defense/defend your castle type game. I am actually a sucker for these in particular, and have sunk who knows how many countless hours into several different ones over the years. That being said, if that is a type of game you enjoy, then with this you shouldn't be disappointed.

Throughout each level, your time is pretty much split between two things: building new defense towers, and upgrading already existing ones. Upgrading your towers can happen one of two different ways. As time passes during each wave, or as you destroy enemies, your character earns game currency. This currency can be used on an existing tower by pressing B which will bring up a list of upgrades, such as range, damage, or less cool-down time.

If this option seems too costly, however, your character can also just stand over the tower for an extended period of time. As each tower levels up higher and higher, the time your character has to stand at a specific one to level it up will increase. Try to make sure you are equally leveling certain towers and really boosting your defenses on essential ones. You never know when your enemy might turn in an unexpected direction.

I had a little bit of difficulty figuring out how to build towers at first because I totally missed the tutorial stage (won't make that mistake again, haha). It took me a while to figure out you can't actually start building things until after the first wave has already begun, and also, that my towers can be upgraded using currency with the B-button option.

New waves of enemies can be launched by pressing Y. Y will also allow you to select a stage from the level select screen. You are given several different types of towers in your build screen, and as far as this type of game goes, they are all pretty much here: light towers, heavy towers, towers with slow effects, burn effects, etc.

A Sound Defense

The soundtrack, although simple, does a lot to keep the game going. It is upbeat and energetic, which is what a game like this needs to drive it along, in my opinion. The game is bright and colorful, and has a fun type of design. I like that no matter how stressful each level got, my character was just dancing away as he performed upgrades and built defenses.

Will it Assault my Wallet?

The game is fun and colorful and the soundtrack keeps you upbeat for the action. I've always been a sucker for defend your tower/castle defense type games, so this is something I enjoyed. I think if that's a genre of gaming that you're into, then for the price point, this is definitely a game worth heading over to the eShop and grabbing.

Score: 8.75/10

Buy Assault On Metaltron on the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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