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Game Review #221: Flowlines VS (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Bradford “TheWaffinator87” E.

Developer: Baltoro Games

Publisher: Baltoro Games

Category: Puzzle, Multiplayer, Party, Education

Release Date: 1.25.19

Price (at time of review): $4.99/$.99 SPECIAL RIGHT NOW

Buy Flowlines VS from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Move Over Candy Crush

Flowlines VS is a game brought to you by Baltoro Games, the very same people that brought you the Klondike Solitaire game that I wrote about not too long ago. You know what, Baltoro Games? Keep making games like Flowlines VS and Klondike Solitaire and you will be A-Okay. What I mean about that is with games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and now Sekiro it’s nice to have a more casual playing game to unwind a little before giving those games another try. However, don’t be deceived by the colorful honeycombs and the cute little bumblebees, this game will mentally push you.

Flowlines VS has two modes. You have Single Player and Versus.

Single Player - Single player is exactly what it sounds like, you are alone playing levels and completing them on your own. Just how many levels though? 432. There are 432 levels of single player fun! That’s it, move over Candy Crush, I am now going to have to dedicate my time to mastering this game now. And if you have played Candy Crush you know it starts off just easy enough to complete and get you hooked and then gets to the point where you are addicted and even when you find yourself wanting to rage quit it is impossible to walk away.

Each level is on the 3-star accomplishment theme. The number of stars you gain upon completion depends on how many mistakes you made during the level.

  • 3 Stars- No mistakes.

  • 2 Stars- Finished with only one mistake made.

  • 1 Star- Finished with a few mistakes made.

Versus Mode (VS) - VS mode is local player only. I wish it had online. Either way when you have someone to compete against, IT’S ON! For multiplayer there are three difficulty settings you can say you will be competing in. You have:

  • Small Board- Easier puzzles

  • Medium Board- Medium puzzles

  • Large Board- Harder, more challenging puzzles.

To determine who will rule supreme you choose how many points will determine the winner. You can go with either 5pts, 10 pts, or 15pts. You will compete back and forth until someone hits the set number of points.


The controls were my only pet peeve with this game. I am a bit of a perfectionist with games like this. Meaning for me to get 3 Star each level I can’t make any mistakes. Well when you are “making mistakes” because of controls over difficulty it gets a bit frustrating. I played 3 ways to test out all types of controls. I played with the switch in portable mode with the Joy-Cons attached, with it docked and playing on the TV with a Pro Controller, and in portable mode using my finger on the touch screen. That’s right, it takes advantage of the fact that the Switch has a touch screen and allows you to complete the puzzles with your finger.

I was getting frustrated because my fingers are too fat to enjoy the touchscreen controls; it’s hard to do puzzles when you can’t see the path. And when I was using the Pro Controller or the Joy-Cons you use the A button to grab the honeycomb and start the trail. Well when I was guiding the trail it seemed kind of sensitive and sometimes would go not so smooth with the thumb stick movement. This would cause “mistakes” taking away my perfect score. Like I said, a bit frustrating. Other than that only having to really worry about the thumb stick for movement and A button for confirmation it was super easy to learn.


When it comes to the overall gameplay and music of the game it is very charming. If you ever played Cut the Rope it has almost the same cartoon like vibe and very charming display. I’m not saying it is an exact replica or like twin sibling you never knew about but it has a very similar feel to that game. That is a good thing; Cut the Rope was a very fun casual mobile game and now to have something like this on the Switch is nice. The overall music layout of the game screams puzzle game to you. It has a charming and relaxing vibe to it and is a bit soothing.

Wrapping Up

Baltoro Games brings something fresh and new to the puzzle games for the Switch with this beautiful game. Flowlines VS is great for both single players, you know when you need a quick pick up and go game especially because some of the puzzles will make you mentally sweat, and Versus for when you and a rival want to get brain freezes together. The puzzles will vary, and the puzzles will relax you and push you all at the same time. Oh, don’t worry though you will accomplish medals for your hard work. That’s right, the game has as an in-game achievement section. This is one thing I always say I wish Nintendo had like the PlayStation and XBOX was some kind of player score, so to have games like this sometimes is really nice. It’s nice to get a treat for your hard work sometimes.

Overall Flowlines VS is a great Puzzle game to pick up for casual play or lengthy play. It will get you hooked and wanting to keep going back for more.

Score: 8/10

Buy Flowlines VS from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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