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Game Review #254: Theatre Tales (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Bradford "TheWaffinator87" E.

Developer: Ultimate Games

Publisher: Ultimate Games

Category: Education, Simulation, Adventure, Puzzle, Other

Release Date: 4.24.19

Price (at time of review): $1.49

Buy War Theatre from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Read Me a Story Mommy/Daddy

If you have children and you pull the “okay it’s time for bed” or are just sitting down with the kids to relax, story telling is always a good way to bond. I know I love that feeling of laying down with the little ones and reading some of their favorite stories to them. I didn’t have this growing up, video games were my bedtime stories that’s probably why I enjoy it so much with my kids. It keeps the imagination alive and the spirits young.

Well sometimes with work I don’t always get to see my kids, most times I am home after they lay down for the night. My oldest child is 6 almost 7, and the younger one is about to turn 2, so I bought my older one his own Nintendo Switch. What’s really cute is how my oldest tries to teach my younger one to play the Switch, just like I do with him. Another activity that my older child tries to do with my younger child is read to him like I do to both of them.

Thanks to Ultimate Games with their recent release of Theatre Tales, not only can they play a simpler game together with some puzzles, but they can also enjoy some classic childhood stories. Theatre Tales is a game that has six classic children’s stories that are interactive with mini puzzles inside. For the stories, you have Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and Thumbelina, with “More Coming Soon”. However, for some reason the only story I got to interact with was Little Red Riding Hood.

Made for A Child

The controls are made for a child and I don’t think could be any simpler for what the game offers. You only need the right Joy-Con and the two buttons off it. You need the right thumb stick to move the character around and the A button to confirm what you want to interact with. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that; I mean if all you had to do was press a button to flip pages, then that isn’t entertaining enough for a child, but this gives them a good grasp on basic movement controls.


Even as an adult I found the visuals and the overall layout of the game pleasing. If there is one thing that is popular with younger kids, it’s puppets, and that’s the direction that this game takes you. You play as almost 3D puppets on sticks in a puppet stage looking environment. The whole time you are playing you can see the sticks under the character as you play and the currents off to the sides to give the appearance that you are watching the play.

As for the audio of the game it was perfect. Not too overwhelming with a bunch of noises going on but enough to keep a child engaged. You have very soft story themed music playing as you go through the story and no talking. All the characters interact with noises which make you smile and sometimes laugh with the silliness they portray. And all the things you interact with make a noise based off of what it is. You go to pick keys, you hear keys jingle, you go to open a door, you get the tuning of a door knob. Like I said, just enough noises to entertain a small child and make them smile. Just like a real puppet show.

Wrapping Up

Overall this game is great for younger children, I would say between the ages of 3 and ½ to 6 years of age to not only be a part of classic childhood stories, but maybe get the hang of picking up video game controllers and accomplishing something. Also, the stories and puzzles are laid out very easily for children. The next objective will shake so you know that’s what you are supposed to interact with, and the puzzles are very basic as well. I enjoyed watching my kids being able to pick up a game and play through it without any frustration and simple entertainment and would recommend this to anyone with children in that age range. And it is nice watching the joy your kids will get from the same stories you grew up with. I just really wish I got to try out more stories, especially Hansel and Gretel for that is one of my childhood favorites.

Score: 8.5/10

Buy War Theatre from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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