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Game Review #313: Robot Squad Simulator (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Steven Green

Developer: Bit Golem

Publisher: Ultimate Game S.A.

Category: Simulation

Release Date: 05.31.2019

Price (at time of review): $14.99

Buy Robot Squad Simulator from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

I Am The Machine

Robot Squad Simulator is one of the most unique titles I have ever played. You play as a robot operator who utilizes four different machines in order to complete tasks in extremely dangerous situations. You use a claw-wielding, bomb-defusing robot, a mini RC-style car used in smaller places, a drone, and a mini submarine that utilizes similar mechanics to the first. You play through over a dozen missions across the globe and with different objectives in which you do your best to save as many lives as possible, collect intel, or take down the baddies.


The meat and potatoes of this game comes through your interactions with the robot helpers you use throughout, and how you can use the various attachments they have to get through the issues that arise while in the field. You can upgrade and change out tools that come on your machines through completing missions and earning experience and money. With these upgrades you can then unlock the next missions as you are properly equipped to complete the tasks ahead. Each robot comes with a few tools you can use, such as the land-rover-claw-robot’s ability to pick up and move items or the mini robot’s camera while sneaking into tight spaces. In some missions, you utilize more than one of the robots and together you complete the objectives. The tools utilized by these machines are very cool and realistic and the missions you go on definitely feel like real life scenarios where you would find police and military using similar robots to complete objectives that mirror the ones completed here in this game. The gameplay here is super unique and is something I don’t think I will get to experience in another game anytime soon.

Mechanical Issues

The biggest downside to this game comes with the physics of the actual machines and how they clash with the environments and objects around you. The robots do not handle very well, and that makes for objectives in which you need to be precise very taxing. In one level I got stuck on a railroad track because I got too close to it and had to start the level over. In another I got too close to the curb on a street and got attached to the curb and fell through the level; also causing a restart. These are just some of the issues I had just moving the machines around the levels. Avoiding touching things where you can will be your best friend, and even though I did have these issues with the physics, I will say that the machines are extremely fun to use…just when they work properly.

I also had some issues with precise movements, as mentioned above. In most missions you use the claw robots you have to maneuver the machine up to a small item, and either use the item or pick it up. I didn’t have as many issues with using items or interacting with items that stayed in place, however, anything you must pick up doesn’t work very well. The claw in super finicky, and you have to grab it just right for it to register that you have successfully grabbed whatever it is you needed. In some cases, those items are bombs, which explode with too much contact, causing a restart, and then you have to mess with the bomb repeatedly to get the item to attach. You have a mechanic that is super cool in concept but is finicky in execution.


The graphics are decent, and the design does a good job setting up what feels like an actual setting you could find yourself in, but the game’s realism allows for some pieces of the scenery you are traversing to not look the best. The game is definitely from the PC where you can max out graphics and make this game look incredible; I don’t doubt that, but on the Switch the optimizations needed to make the game run properly allow for some hiccups here and there. Some people will probably take issue with how the game looks, but I found the fun factor the game offers totally takes over what the game might offer in the graphical department.

The soundtrack is going for the feel of an action title and it matches in the missions that are high-flying and filled with intensity. A perfect matching for a game that makes you drive up to bombs regularly and try to cut the correct cable to defuse it. Totally dug the soundtrack matching up with the action movie feel throughout.

Mission Impossible

I really liked the mission structure of the game. As you progress through the missions you have new issues come up that you then have to, on the fly, attempt to solve while utilizing the tools at your disposal. The missions are great, and even though I had a couple issues detailed above, I found moving through the game very delightful.

In closing…

Robot Squad Simulator is one of the most unique games I have played. I have played a bunch of the simulation games on the market, but a sim that takes you through the lens of the man who operates working robots that save lives is something I never would have thought of checking out had it not been for this review. The game is so super unique, and the actual bulk of what you are doing in this game is so much fun, don’t get my criticisms twisted, using these robots is a good time. But, the physics issues and finicky gameplay at times really hurts the game as a whole and is a misstep in an overall good product. If you like simulation games or anything that is pure action this one might be worth checking out, but keep everything I mentioned in mind before taking the plunge.

Score: 6/10

Buy Robot Squad Simulator from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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