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Game Review #342: Feather (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Samurai Punk Publisher: Samurai Punk Category: Simulation Release Date: 4.5.19 Price (at time of review): $12.59

Buy Feather from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Explore the Skies Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird and soar the skies? Well now you can in Feather. Feather is a ‘Bird Simulator’ which has you take control of, well, a bird, as you fly around a serene island doing as you please—and, of course, flying through rings.

There is no final goal in Feather. Your ‘objective’ (for lack of a better word) is to feel relaxed, and at this, Feather succeeds. Feather is best played when you’d like to relax after a long day of work, and can be played co-op online for the chance to soar into other birds’ line of sight. Sadly, there isn’t much else you can do with other players other than come across them, but that additional feature is appreciated nonetheless.

Visuals and Audio Feather features a calming soundtrack that you can slowly build up by flying through rings located all over the island, and the more you progress and explore, the more ambience and relaxing music you unlock on the dynamic track. The visuals are stylized to feel almost like paper, personally giving me a Liaka vibe (known for Coraline, Kubo, Corpse Bride) yet missing the mark by a tad. The graphics and soundtrack only add to the ambience of this… experience—and that wording is where I pull my main issue with the title.

Walking the Line There are no enemies, nothing that can really harm you, and no real goals to complete other than to explore the island. Feather isn’t technically a game, it’s more of an experience. For those who are seeking a relaxing time akin to a digital fireplace that you can kindle, this experience will satisfy your needs. For anyone looking for a game to feel like a bird as you solve the mysteries of the world and use your bird powers to solve puzzles, this isn’t the purchase for you.

On top of all of that, the island and all Feather has to offer can be beaten, realistically, in about a half hour to an hour at most. It’s definitely one you load up for relaxation and not a hardcore gaming session, and as long as you’re aware of this going in, you won’t be as surprised or slightly gutted as I was.

Final Thoughts Samurai Punk have made other amazing games, such as The American Dream VR and Screen Cheat, both very similar to Feather in the way that they are short burst experiences, but both of those—In my opinion—have more to offer the player. Feather feels like a tech demo, and as a tech demo, it’s impressive and immersive; but as a game released for $12.59, it’s a bit steep for my liking.

By all means, don’t let my score influence your purchase. If you’re looking for a soothing flying simulator, look no further. However, if you want to play a game that has you feel like a bird doing quests, sadly, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Score: 5/10

Buy Feather from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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