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Game Review #393: Laser Kitty Pow! Pow! (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewed by: The Waffinator

Developer: The Bigger Cat

Publisher: QubicGames

Genre: Action, Arcade, Other

Release Date: 07.05.2019

Price (at time of review): $2.99

Buy Laser Kitty Pow! Pow! from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Pew Pew Meow Meow

I love me some good arcade style games. Especially the ones that can keep you drawn to it and make it hard to put down the controller. Don't get me wrong sometimes I have a bad habit of judging a game before playing. Not like I tear apart a game prior to playing it but more of trying to analyze if it will even be enjoyable or - if it is - how enjoyable it even will be. Laser Kitty Pow Pow is a blast! Literally! You are a cat in a cloud that shoots lasers from its eye killing all kinds of bad guys! I could tell without even picking it up that it would be fun but I had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I have.

When you first start off you’re just a basic kitty shooting lasers from the eyes at samurai enemies coming at you from your left and right. As you progress you earn XP and coins that help you unlock newer and more powerful lasers for your eyes and other kinds of abilities. Also as you progress and collect coins you can go to the craftsman and have him craft you all kinds of B.A. laser shooting kitties. There are 45 different cats in all for you to collect and use. There are 17 worlds with 8 stages in each including a boss style level which equals one hell of a laser shooting party!

KITTY-wampus Directional Inputs

The controls are very basic. You can either use left and right on the D-pad or thumbstick to shoot lasers or move with the right and left front bumpers. Now depending where you want to move will determine which button to be bashing. If you have an enemy coming from you on the right side you are going to want to tap the left controls until you get close to the enemy and then the right buttons to shoot the lasers. Because when you push right you go left and left goes right. So basically it’s just getting used to being able to go backwards to go forward. I know sounds confusing via reading but it all makes sense when playing.

CAT-egorically Good Graphics and MEOW-sic

I watched the gameplay/trailer before even picking up this game but playing it is actually way more enjoyable. It's got the older style pixel art which gives it the perfect old school 16/32-bit style arcade feels. The sound format fits the 32-bit style and is hilarious! The random angry kitty noises as you lose, the almost war cry style kitty noises as you shoot lasers and the cheerful kitty noises as you win and get power-ups and level up your abilities is spot on and make it very entertaining. The background music is very upbeat and the tempo matches the fast paced laser shooting action.

I Ain’t KITTEN Around

I know I may have mentioned it and mentioned laser shooting a lot, but come on that's what this game is! One hell of a laser shooting good time! The price point is well justified by what you get! People always want something new and fun and get sick of the same type of game, well here’s your savior! I may be 100% a dog person and not a cat fan but this game is making me actually like cats – well, at least in the virtual world. I am having a complete blast with this game and I really think this is one that needs to be added to your Switch library! Oh yeah and there is co-op so make sure to grab your best shooting party and double the kitty shooting action!

Score: 9/10

Buy Laser Kitty Pow! Pow! from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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