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Game Review #397: Pix the Cat (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Steven Green

Developer: Pastagames


Category: Arcade / Puzzle

Release Date: 08.08.2019

Price (at time of review): $9.99

Buy Pix the Cat from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Good Kitty

Pix the Cat is an arcade title that mixes ideas from the classic games Snake and Pac-Man. You have some vibrant courses to work through, and one of the most unique premises to a game you will see, all mixed in with some good feelings and cute critters. Infinitely playable levels and a few different modes to play through make for an experience that was one I enjoyed thoroughly every time I opened it up.

Duckling Disaster

You are Pix, a loving little cat whose goal in life is to lead lost little ducklings who have been freshly hatched into the next dimension where they will be safe. I think? Anyways, the story here is not what the game is all about, as is common in arcade titles, but the gameplay itself is what we all are here to see in games like these.

Snake Charmer

The first half of the gameplay in this title is to lead your pack of ducklings across the level and try to get them safely to an exit spot; one for each duckling. You lead these ducklings behind you in a straight line and can’t cross over them as you move around in a straight line. That makes for some interesting traversal in certain generated levels as you have to avoid your poor ducklings as they are in tow to keep them safe.

From there you also have the Pac-Man-esque mechanics that are you moving through a space and avoiding ghost-like enemies while gathering up the duckling eggs, hatching them, and then placing them on certain spots on the stage. These two elements combined make for a very fun arcade experience, and for someone who doesn’t like traditional arcade titles I found the weird mix-up of mechanics of interest, and the non-stop looping through levels make for a game I truly had a fun time with.

Never-Ending Adventure

As mentioned, the gameplay in this title doesn’t stop. That is with an interesting mechanic in which you move through portals after completing the stage as efficiently as possible, and you jump instantly to the next randomly generated map. You have some crazy twists with this, and the maps always seem to line up perfectly, making for some eye-popping traversals into the lower echelons of the run. You also have some new twists throughout, like running onto a mini map that you almost have to squint to see, and the like that chop up the monotonous arcade action.

High Score

Being an arcade game means you are going for a high score and always trying to have a better run later on. In this game, you maximize score by efficiently passing through the level. Doing this increases your speed and your score as you start to really pump through stages. You slide and move along the walls and turn up the heat. You can play against your ghost, and try to beat your own score, check the leaderboards, or play against devs themselves while leading these cute little duckies into the abyss.

Modes Galore

Beyond the single play mode that takes you through the game solo while trying to get better and better scores in your runs, you also have an arcade mode that can be played with up to 4 people in which you try to take out the competition and be the last cat standing in a mode that acts a bit like You also have a Nostalgia Mode that changes the aesthetic used, and the way you visualize the gameplay, as well as Laboratory Mode where you will try to solve each puzzle in as few moves as possible. All of this adds up to a really full and deep experience for the arcade lover.

Groovy Graphics

The game is simple in general as you are meant to focus on the gameplay and really get into the groove, but you also have some really groovy color designs along with a sci-fi aesthetic that adds up to a unique experience when paired with the story and characters for this title. The soundtrack is also pumping, and pairs well with what is happening throughout.

In closing…

Pix the Cat is one of the better arcade experiences I have ever had. I am not one that gets into going for high scores, or enjoys the classic takes on the genre in general, however, this game is a ton of fun, and I even ignored my score just trying to keep playing the game as the loop itself is just such a grand time. There is a lot of replay potential when compared to most games in the genre, and with the modes you have a few different ways to play that everyone could potentially get behind. Arcade lovers should consider this one a must play, and for anyone who usually shies away from the genre this is one that you may want to give a second look before making a final determination.

Score: 8/10

Buy Pix the Cat from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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