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Game Review #418: Super Wiloo Demake (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Steven Green

Developer: lightUP

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Category: Platformer

Release Date: 08.02.2019

Price (at time of review): $4.99

Buy Super Wiloo Demake from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Downgraded Cuteness

Super Wiloo Demake is an 8-bit platformer that really reminds me of the Game Boy era platformers I used to love and spend hours in. Platformers are among the most common games made, especially in indie game circles, but they have a perfect home on the Nintendo Switch with its portable capabilities that lends itself to the handheld systems of yesteryear. You have a title in Super Wiloo Demake that will entrance you with its charm and cute style, while having you enjoy its platforming roots.

Doggo Peril

We have a story that isn’t deep or going for any sort of writing awards, but may be one of the most important quests I have ever taken part in. Wiloo and Agatha must retrieve their poor, lost pup pup from the evil Dr. ETvaldo, who should be ashamed of himself for scaring such a sweet dog. Forget princesses lost in mighty castles; we have to get that doggy back!

Basic Controls

You have the basics of platforming on display here in Super Wiloo Demake. You can jump, with running being a mechanic similar to what you would find in any Mario titles. You also have power-ups you can grab throughout levels, again similar to Mario with its Tanooki Suits and Fire Flowers, where you can fly and shoot, and gain other such abilities to aid you in your quest for your canine. These power-ups break up the monotony of getting through platforming sections, but I found none of them added enough to the gameplay to make them really worth taking the time to get. Some sections require these power-ups, but beyond that you can have just as much success in your basic form as you can with the power-ups.

Map Layout

As is customary in platformers of this style, you have a world map that you traverse from level to level, while moving towards your final goal. This title has 5 worlds, each with 10 levels to get through, finishing up with a boss battle at the end of each world. The game is fairly easy as a whole, and so the game doesn’t take that long to move through. The toughest parts of the game are the bosses, which are also probably the most fun you will have in this one, as the basic levels lack some polish in design, and interesting additions to the gameplay loop beyond enemies and platforms. You do have multiple difficulty settings to aid in this for those who are platforming aficionados, however I still find the game to be lacking in several categories. It’s like eating a bland meal and not being able to get some salt. Hard to put your finger on, but just missing some things.

Collectible Coins

Beyond the basic gameplay loop you can collect coins in each level to add to what you are doing as you progress through. You have three large coins per level that allow for the 100% a level functionality to be present, as well as tons of smaller coins that you can collect on your way. This adds another dynamic to the levels that is much needed in this title.

Graphical Greatness

The game looks great. If you are a fan of pixel art, then this is one you will definitely like to take a look at. The graphics seriously remind me of the Game Boy era, and that is a touch I seriously appreciated in handheld mode on my Switch. You have bright, vibrant coloring that just makes you smile, and the design for the levels and characters is superb. It really is a bummer the game itself comes across a bit bland when the visuals are so the opposite of that.

In closing…

Super Wiloo Demake is a serviceable platformer that anyone looking for a fun, little title will want to consider. You have great visuals throughout and a tried and true system for collectibles and gameplay that won’t hurt your feelings in the slightest. This game’s biggest issue is borrowing from games of the past, while not bringing anything significantly new to the picture. Nothing here is bad, but it just feels dry and already done. The game itself does everything it came out to do perfectly fine but needs something more before it could be considered one of the greats. Anyone who likes platformers in general might enjoy this title, as well as people who were big into the Game Boy period of titles.

Score: 7/10

Buy Super Wiloo Demake from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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