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Review #001: SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Review by: Chad

Developer: SNK

Publisher: NIS America

Release Date: September 7, 2018


SNK is no stranger to fighting games with titles like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and King of Fighters being adored by fighting game enthusiasts. However, with SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~, they go in a new direction completely. At first glance it seems like your typical fighting game except with a full female cast and the novelty of tagging in a partner. It has all the modes you come to expect with survival, versus, storyline and online. Online didn’t work for me since I had a review copy and not many people were online. Those who were had poor connections, so I mainly stuck with the story and versus mode.

Versus was fun as the controls may be hated by hardcore fight fans, but it’s perfect for causal and new gamers. The fighting itself is tongue in cheek humor filling the screen with cupcakes, glitter, and stars when you connect with another fighter. At no point was I thinking this was a serious game as it felt more like fan service that just wanted to have some fun. 


The button scheme is broken down to be more accessible by eliminating things like low attacks and the distinction between punches and kicks. Also, you can’t finish off an opponent with a normal hit as it has to be finishing move called a Dream Move. I think this works well for what SNK has done in making a fun game that will resonate more with new fans than with old. 

Story Mode

The weakest aspect of SNK HEROINES is the storyline, as it plays out like a very poorly written anime trying to come up with good reasons everyone is in skimpy outfits. It was, however, highly enjoyable to hear the one liners coming one after the other by a great voice cast. The music also rang true to the new style with fast paced tunes set perfectly in the new surroundings. 

You can go back multiple times pairing new fighters to get different dialogue endings. Additionally, each time you finish the story or win online you get in-game currency that allows you to purchase scenes or new outfits for the fighters. With there only being 14 fighters, it shouldn’t take you too long to max them out. Considering the last King of Fighters game I played had a roster of 50 characters, it was a bit of a letdown to only see 14 here.

Wrapping Up

SNK HEROINES was a lot of fun to begin with, but I could see how hardcore fighting gamers would prefer BlazBlue and Street Fighter for their more technical gameplay. SNK HEROINES' funny slapstick approach felt more like it was trying to hold your hand during the gameplay. Though it started out fun, even female Terry Bogard can’t save this one from being a knockout.


If you just want a fighter to hold you over until Dragon Ball FighterZ comes out and won’t be hung up on the nerfed controls, then SNK HEROINES may be what you’re looking for. For me, I’ll stick to Street Fighter

Score: 6/10

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