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Review #017: Figment (Nintendo Switch)

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Reviewed By: Allan J.

Developed By: Bedtime Digital Games

Published By: Bedtime Digital Games

Category: Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Platformer

Release Date: 6.28.18

Read our interview with Jonas Byrresen, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Bedtime Digital Games here.

Download Figment from the Nintendo eShop here.


Every so often, a game comes along that re-imagines the standard formula. Figment manages to combine action-adventure, puzzle-solving, and excellent storytelling into a unique, imaginative and beautiful abstract world that exists within the comatose mind of our character.

You play the part of Dusty, a physical representation of the mind’s courage. After a car accident leaves our main character in a coma, you are called upon to defeat the nightmares running rampant throughout the psyche. At first, Dusty is none too eager to do much more than make himself a cold cocktail on the rocks, but thanks to the insistence of his eager sidekick Piper – and a stolen scrapbook – he reluctantly embarks on this journey through the various facets of the mind. Along the way, he solves puzzles to unlock roadblocks, while collecting lost memories and battling nightmarish creatures to the tune of their whimsical song and dance.


Nothing too complex here. While there are some enemies and bosses to fight at times, the majority of the gameplay is focused on collecting different items to aid in repairing and/or rearranging different parts of the stages to move past obstacles and progress on to the next level. The battles themselves are simple, with only one attack button and the ability to somersault out of the way. In keeping with the theme, the boss battles and even the regular enemies are defeated not by brute force, but mostly by solving puzzles and finding patterns in the attack sequences. A lot of the puzzles require some degree of backtracking to find or collect objects (mostly different colored batteries) that were used in a previous part of the puzzle sequence, and must be moved in a specific sequence to get through the course.

Audio & Visuals

This is where this game really shines. The abstract stage design is amazing, incorporating random objects into unique structures and landscapes that represent the different parts of the mind. The overall effect leaves you feeling very immersed in the bleak atmosphere of a traumatized psyche riddled with fear and confusion, while at the same time invoking the strangely calm and comforting warmth of a lucid dream.

The music is just as thoughtful, with a living environment of musical instruments. Each boss you face also treats you to their own little Broadway-style song and dance number as they attempt to destroy you.

The voice work of the many residents of the mind are charming in their own way as well. The funny thing to me was listening to actors who are native Danish-speakers attempting to speak in an American accent. The main boss sounds like a Danish representation of an American beatnik. All-in-all though, it just adds to the odd tone of the narrative, so I suppose it works out in the end.

Wrapping Up

Figment is a fun and engaging game. At first, I had some trouble getting into it, but as I progressed through the story and immersed myself into the game, it definitely grew on me. By the end credits, I was left with a very satisfied feeling, and thoroughly enjoyed this game. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves a good puzzle, though, fair warning, the backtracking required for some of the puzzles, and the load time between the different stages can become rather tedious. In the end though, it is worth it. It’s not a tremendously long game, but it lasted exactly as long as it needed to. The story and unique perspective of the game definitely make Figment stand out from any other games I have played, and the artwork is gorgeously done. Overall, it is one of the better games I have played in the action-adventure/puzzle genre.

Final Score: 9/10

Read our interview with Jonas Byrresen, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Bedtime Digital Games here.

Download Figment from the Nintendo eShop here.

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