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Review #021: Tied Together (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewed By: Chad M.

Developed By: Napalmtree

Published By: Headup Games

Category: Platformer, Puzzle, Party, Multiplayer

Release Date: 10.19.2018

Download Tied Together from the Nintendo eShop here.

The Monster In Us All

Ever since the Nintendo Switch eShop popped up, the good people over at Nintendo have been ushering in a new wave of indie games. In doing so, developers are flourishing more so than ever before. So it’s no surprise now the eShop is getting indie Switch exclusives. Tied Together is a new exclusive that demands you to have somewhat of a personal life and friends, as it is only playable in local multiplayer mode. Napalmtree definitely is coming in with a new a fresh take on the adventure puzzle platformer, so let’s jump in. 

I Knew There Was A Reason I Had Friends

That’s a stretch as starting off I didn’t get to play through Tied Together with one of my gaming buddies, but rather my wife. There really is nothing like having a crash course in remembering those vows you swore, by tying yourself to your partner, and then trying to avoid certain death by relying on one another’s video game prowess. The downside to the plot of Tied Together is that their isn’t one and the developers intended it that way. They aimed more for fun and laughs than backstory or plot lines, and for the most part it works.

Basically, four monsters were created in a lab and now the mad scientists have unleashed them in a number of levels to test if they can work together to get through the many obstacles ahead. You are cast as monsters Taz and Izzy who are being dropped off via helicopter by some shady scientists guys in hazmat suits. As we started out the main campaign, which is called “Duo Mode”, in which you and your partner have to complete 40 levels. When you finish each level you can receive a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on time and efficiency which gives some replay ability. There is also a second way to play called “Party Mode” where it’s three to four players at once. In party mode, Taz and Izzy are joined by Eppo and Dabber. In this mode you have 25 specific levels meant to test the limits of your friendships, or marriage in my case. 

Controls & Fun Factor

The controls are simple in the best way. As you control your character you have three main controls: jump, hit and anchor. You can use the hit not only to interact ,but to also revive a teammate that may have been injured. The anchor mechanic is very useful as it can be used to help keep the group from falling into a pit of spikes while your teammates swing to safety or jump to reach a key. The fun factor is also Tied Together’s main selling point. The time I had with Tied Together was filled with laughing, screaming and on the brink of breaking my pro controller. But no matter how tough the levels got or how frustrated I was with my teammates, the game always kept me smiling and laughing. One thing that I noticed is the levels are very short; sometimes so I wish there were more levels or a promise for more to come for free by update in the future. 

Audio & Visuals

The soundtrack is cartoony and upbeat sounding that had my foot tapping. It also had a touch of sci-fi. The visuals pop with vibrant colors and the very cartoonish monsters are cute and funny. The background is sometime cookie cutter, but it did always evolve and change to keep things interesting. The game ran perfect in both docked and handheld mode. 

Final Thoughts

Tied Together is an extremely fun party and multiplayer game. However, I can’t help but wonder what could’ve been with a small storyline and more levels. The time I had playing was never dull and, if anything, had me wanting more. For the single player gamers this one isn’t for you at all. For what Tied Together is, I can’t knock it as it hits the mark just as intended. Anyone that enjoys puzzle platformers and wants to play with a friend(s) then this will give you hours of enjoyment as you test your cooperative skills.

Final Score: 8/10

Download Tied Together from the Nintendo eShop here.

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