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Review #022: SUPERBEAT: XONiC (Nintendo Switch)

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Reviewed by: Allan

Developed By: PM Studios

Published By: PM Studios

Category: Rhythm, Arcade

Release Date: 11.21.2017

Download SUPERBEAT: XONiC from the Nintendo eShop here.

Purchase the physical edition from Amazon here.


From the developers of MUSYNX, which I previously reviewed, comes another great rhythm/music game, SUPERBEAT: XONiC. SUPERBEAT: XONiC takes the classic formula of the rhythm game and genetically mutates it into a stranger form complete with an extra limb or two.

I had a bit of a rough start with this one. After playing MUSYNX, I was really excited to see what else PM Studios had to offer in this genre. After viewing the tutorial – which really felt more like an obligatory briefing intended for someone who already knew what they were doing – I played the first song. It was a bit rough, but I thought I was getting the hang of it. I moved on to song number 2, and immediately realized I had no clue what I was doing. The difficulty level jumped from a 3 to a 10 very quickly.


The controls are what initially threw me off to the point of almost giving up on this game. It’s not that they are bad, but it’s just that they are so odd for me and what I am used to playing. You can select 4 tracks or 6 tracks to play, which will determine how many buttons you have to keep track of when playing. While playing 4-track mode, the Down button and the B button each control the green tracks on each corresponding side of the screen, while the rest of the D-pad buttons control the blue track on the left, and the Y, X, and A buttons control the blue track on the right side. Once I figured out that more than one button could control the blue track, I started to get the hang of it better. The real difference in the controls though is the addition of the toggle sticks into gameplay. You have to alternate between tapping the toggles in the direction of the track icon to holding and controlling the pitch of the note by pushing the toggle up and down accordingly.

I am a musician and generally have no trouble coordinating both hands while playing different patterns with each, so I was shocked at how poorly I did when I picked up this game for the first time… and the second time… and the fifth time… and then, out of nowhere, something in my brain finally just clicked and my persistence had paid off! Suddenly, I was actually getting it, and I even scored a perfect run of one of the medium difficulty songs! This game went from being frustratingly difficult and intimidating, to being downright fun and satisfying. I still suck at 6-track though as the redundant buttons are replaced with an additional track on each side to keep tabs on, and I am simply not that skilled… yet!


The audio is great. Again, like with MUSYNX, the variety of different musical genres is awesome. There’s a little something for most tastes, especially if you are into EDM, though there are also some pop songs and some really good rock and metal tracks as well.

The visual setup of SUPERBEAT: XONiC is interesting, and while it takes some getting used to, it is a well-thought-out arrangement. Instead of having all of the notes coming at you from a flat vanishing point perspective, the notes come from the center of the screen and spread out in a near circle (almost reminiscent of the health/shield bars in Goldeneye for N64!) towards the edge of the screen. The graphics are smooth, with excellent animations and nice vivid colors and effects.

Wrapping Up

My takeaway with SUPERBEAT: XONiC is simple: If at first you don’t succeed, don’t throw the controller and rage quit… just keep trying! Eventually, you will get good enough to enjoy playing this game quite immensely. At least I did anyway. While I would not say that this game is my #1 favorite rhythm/music game ever, I would still rank it up there with the leaders and put this in the top 5. If you like this genre and are a patient person, I would definitely recommend adding this game to your library!

Final Score: 8/10

Download SUPERBEAT: XONiC from the Nintendo eShop here.

Purchase the physical edition from Amazon here.

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