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Review #268: Rollin' Eggz (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Bradford “TheWaffinator87” E.

Developer: Square Heads Games

Publisher: GrimTalin

Category: Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle, Education

Release Date: 4.26.2019

Price (at time of review): $2.99

Buy Rollin' Eggz from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'! (Come on)

No beating around the bush with this one, we are going straight to the point. We are going to tackle this bad boy straight on, no bull poopy. Rollin’ Eggz from GrimTalin and Square Head Games is one of the simpler yet very entertaining kids’ games to hit the eShop. This game is another great game to add to the collection if you have younger ones and want a fun game to keep them entertained but hear my warning: if you start to notice the addiction yourself just put it down and walk away.

Offering a few different game modes – three, to be exact - and two different difficulties this game can be fun for all ages. It is one of those games that you buy for the kids and before you know it you’re hiding in the closet to get some games in yourself. The three game modes you get to play are:

  • Rolling – You have four chickens in this mode. Upper left, Upper right, Lower right and lower left. You go until you run out of lives which is three hearts. There are power ups you can get like the flash egg or the golden egg. The flash egg temporarily speeds up the rate at which eggs come at you but also doubles their points. The golden egg will refill your life, one heart at a time.

  • Raining – This mode adds a fifth chicken that lays eggs for you to catch and they are above you in an arch. It also adds quick snap controls which allow you to jump between the chickens. Learn how to do this and you will get that much closer to becoming an egg catching master.

  • Rainbow - The eggs are colored and you will be told what to catch, so kind of like a matching game.

Move In now Move Out

The controls for this game are exactly what they should be; simple and easy to learn. All you need is the thumbstick to direct your character’s basket in the direction of the egg you want to catch. In Raining Mode you can get a little more advanced if you want and learn how to do “Quick Snaps”. Say you are to the far right and need to go to the far left. Well, with Quick Snap you press the Left Bumper and can skip right over to the far left. So, the controls are perfect for younger ones to grasp.

Hands Up Now Hands Down

Rollin' Eggz is very colorful and right where it needs to be as a game to grab the attention of the younger crowd, yet not too cheesy and still enjoyable for adults. There are three different fun characters to unlock. You start off with the fox and can then unlock a dog and pig. You do this by saving up your eggs. Every round you complete, the eggs you caught work toward a grand total which you can then use to unlock the other silly and loveable characters. Each character also gets their own backgrounds which can also keep it fresh so the younger ones do not get too bored too quickly.

Rollin' Eggz is very upbeat and fun when it comes to the background music and what you would expect from a “farm-like” environment. The chickens cluck, if you drop an egg it “cracks,” and then the baby chickens chirp. Also, Rollin' Eggz offers seven languages to choose from.

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin' (Yeah)

Overall Rollin' Eggz is probably one of the more enjoyable games that I have played with the little ones on the Switch. I feel like it is a fun way to teach color coordination (Rainbow Mode) and hand-eye coordination. Best of all the game is less than five dollars! That’s a steal! I cant wait to see what else comes from Square Head Games and GrimTalin.

Score: 9/10

Buy Rollin' Eggz from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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