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[Special Edition] New Announcements/Preorders for June 20th, 2019

There were so many amazing announcements/preorders on June 20, 2019 that I thought it would be best to create this post to ensure no one missed them! See below, with links and info, of all the new games up for preorder today!

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June 25, 2019

1. GRIS (Price TBD) from Special Reserve Games

Gris preorders will be between 06/25-07/17. It sounds like a CE is in the works, but details have not been shared yet. Make sure to follow Special Reserve Games on social media to stay in the loop.

2. (Preorder Now) Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Travel Case ($54.99) from Arc System Works Online Store - Link

Remember that exclusive travel case only available in EU and Japan? Well, it's now coming to North America! Exclusively being sold through Arc System Works' website, you can preorder right now and it will begin shipping 06/25.

Quantities are limited!

July 28, 2019

3. Super Mario Maker 2 Target Exclusive Lunchbox

This is just an FYI that Target will be offering a FREE Super Mario Maker 2 lunchbox with the purchase of Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. This will only be available in stores and quantities will vary per location.

July 2019 (Dates TBD)

4. Kill la Kill If Limited Edition ($99.99) from Arc System Works Store

Please note that the preorder has not gone live yet on their website and no date was given. This limited edition is only available in the U.S. through Arc System Works' online store. Included in this LE are the following:

  • KILL la KILL game (PS4 or Switch) with Reversible Cover Sleeve

  • Full Color, 40 page Art Book

  • 31 Song Original Soundtrack CD

  • “Makoroquette” (Squishy Keychain)

  • Limited Edition Box

Although not yet live, check out the announcement information here.

5. Vostok Inc. from Wired Production

Wired Production announced on social media that they will be selling a PEGI-rated Nintendo Switch edition of Vostok directly on their website.


Sign-up to be notified of when preorders go live here.

August 9, 2019

6. Tetris 99 (~$32) from Amazon Japan - Link

While many of you may be asking why a free game is getting a physical release, please note that this will include the following:

  • Includes the game

  • Big Block DLC "additional content" which can be played offline ($9.99 value)

  • 12-month online subscription ($19.99 value)

7. Friday the 13th: Ultimate Slasher Edition ($39.99) from Amazon - Link

Included in this physical release are the following:

  • All DLC and Retail Exclusive Content* – In addition to all previously released DLC – including 10 single player challenges, new maps, characters, counselor outfits, Jason skins, additional kills for Jason and the complete Virtual Cabin experience – the physical edition also offers exclusive Bloody Jason Skins and clothing packs.

  • 11”x17” limited-edition poster

  • Eight-Person Multiplayer and Single Player Modes – On maps spanning multiple iconic locations from the movie franchise, players will match up online as either Jason Voorhees or a Camp Counselor trying to survive the night. Players seeking lower pressure slasher fun can take the fight offline in matches with AI bots.

Sometime in Early 2020

8. Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories from NIS America

  • Regular Edition - Information Not Yet Available...

  • Limited Edition ($89.99) - NISA Store Link

The LE will include:

  • Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories for Nintendo Switch™

  • Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Official Soundtrack

  • Novelty “Emergency” Backpack

  • Identification Tag

  • Novelty “First Aid” Collector’s Box

Date to be Determined

9. Pawarumi from Manufacture 43

Earlier today on Twitter, they had confirmed that a physical was in the works, but with no additional specific information at this time. Therefore, just keep this one in the back of your mind and enjoy the trailer below.




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