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Week of August 16th, 2020 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Preorders

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

BIG NEWS! Jeffrey, Barry and I started a Nintendo Switch physical publishing company! Enter: Premium Edition Games! Our first release, Super Blood Hockey, is available to pre-order right now!

Super Blood Hockey ($39.95) from Premium Edition Games (hey...that's me!)

Our first release is an open-preorder that will be active until Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:59 PM ET. Included are the following:

  • Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game

  • Double-sided Insert

  • Full Color Manual

  • A "Special" Trading Card

  • A Logo Sticker

  • First Prints of the game will have a hand-drawn Full Color Glossy Slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat Fame!

If you haven't yet, make sure to watch our Direct below and then head on over to our site here to pre-order our first game...Super Blood Hockey!

SAVE MONEY! Too many Switch games coming out? Wish you could save some money while collecting? Well now you can! Save 5% at Playasia and Funbox when you use checkout code SWITCHMANIA.

THE SWITCH COLLECTOR VOLUME ONE! That's right! You can purchase Volume One (Year One) right now....right here.

GIVEAWAY #1: Want to win an autographed copy of Snooker 19 or 1 of 3 eShop codes? Enter and ends 8/16.

GIVEAWAY #2: Want to win a copy of Cat Quest 1/2 Pawsome Pack for the PS4 or Switch along with exclusive pins? Enter and ends 8/16.

GIVEAWAY #3: Want to win 1 of 2 copies of Shadow Bug (Regular Edition) from First Press Games? Enter and ends 8/23.

PLAYCAST! Jeffrey, Barry and I talk about the game of the week, our latest pick-ups, The Switch Collector, and more! Check us out here.

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New Releases/New Preorders

Tuesday, August 18th

Ikaruga ($59.99) Nicalis

This is releasing on October 27th. Included are the following:

  • Exclusive Metal Earth steel model kit of the Ikaruga ship (assembly required, recommended for ages 14+)

  • Five-color instruction manual on heavy stock

  • Premium foil "Warning" sticker

  • Sturdy outer box with metallic gold accents

  • Hypergun Store exclusive bonus added to the Limited Edition package

Tuesday, August 18th

Among the Sleep ($29.99) Limited Run Games

Pre-orders open at 12:00 PM ET and will close on September 15th. This is a Distributed Title and not part of their numbered run.

My Universe: My Baby ($29.99) Amazon

Thursday, August 20th

Fight Crab

This will support English and it's crabs that it, haha! Also, please note that it's not guaranteed that the Playasia version will include the CD as they themselves were not able to confirm.

Pawarami: Definitive Edition from eastasiasoft

Read our review here.

  • Regular ($29.99) Link - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

  • Limited ($34.99) Link - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

Pre-orders open at 11:00 AM ET. Regular Edition is open pre-order and Limited Edition is limited to 2,000 copies.

Included in the LE are the following:

  • Collector’s Box

  • Game (region free)

  • Game Manual

  • Original Soundtrack CD

  • Numbered Certificate

Friday, August 21st

Aokana: Four Rhythms Across the Blue Limited Edition

Please note that the Limited Edition is the only version of this game.

This will include:

  • Collector's Box

  • Game

  • Art Book

(LAST DAY) CARRION ($39.99) Special Reserve Games

The Special Reserve Games edition will include the following content and preorders end at 1 PM ET.




  • SHIPS IN A SPECIAL RESERVE BOX Makes a great shelf display and protects your game! 

  • 40 PAGE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Inside the shrink-wrapped game packaging

  • 5” x 7” SPECIAL RESERVE ART PRINT 4mm thick metal composite Game art for your walls Actual size is 5" x 6.625"


  • As a thank you, customers will receive a complimentary download code for CARRION on the Nintendo USA eShop.

Collar x Malice Unlimited ($47.69) Shop4MegaStore

This is the PEGI/UK physical release. The ESRB/US physical released on August 13th and was offered in a Standard or Limited Edition.

(LAST DAY) GRIS ($29.99) Special Reserve Games

The Special Reserve Games edition will be unnumbered and pre-orders end at 1 PM ET. This will be an open preorder. Includes the following:

  • PHYSICAL SWITCH CARTRIDGE Includes all critical updates and patches

  • REVERSIBLE JACKET ARTWORK Unnumbered packaging

  • 28 PAGE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Included inside the shrink-wrapped game packaging


Guns of Mercy

Please note that all the versions below have the PEGI/EU cart in the case, despite the covers themselves being different regions. The US Cover edition from VGNYSoft is not yet in stock, but will be shipping soon.

Here is the EU cover.

Here is the JPN cover.

Here is the US cover.

House Flipper

This is for the PEGI/EU physical release. The Standard ESRB/US physical releases on August 25th and you can pre-order here.

The Signature Edition includes:

  • Region free copy of House Flipper on Nintendo Switch

  • Two limited edition enamel pins featuring the House Flipper logo and a Sledgehammer

  • Numbered collector’s certificate, printed with the developers' signatures.

  • A House Flipper Wrench keyring.

  • A customised House Flipper carpenter's flat pencil.

  • Sturdy “Sierra” box with foam insert.

  • Outer sleeve featuring alternative artwork. 

Pinstripe ($30.09) Shop4MegaStore

This is a PEGI/EU physical release. There are currently no plans for a ESRB/US physical release. There is a Neversong/Pinstripe Double Pack releasing in Japan on October 22nd. You can pre-order that from Playasia here and save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA".

Limited/Indie Physical Publishers

Please note that due to the constantly changing availability and releases, I have decided to just provide links to the limited/indie publishers' sites. I encourage you all to visit their sites, see what they have, and support their continued efforts to help bring digital only games physically!

If I am missing any companies, please let me know so I can have them added.

Companies (Listed Alphabetically)

Companies to Stay Away From (DO NOT BUY FROM!!!)

That's it for this week! What are you getting? Comment on Twitter and tag @JPSWITCHMANIA!



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