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Week of July 26th, 2020 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Preorders

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

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New Releases/New Preorders

Sunday, July 26th

(Last Day - Closes at 11:59 PM ET) Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl from Limited Run Games

  • Regular ($29.99) Link

  • Classic ($54.99) Link

The Classic Edition includes:

  • Game.

  • Accurate NES sized retro outer box.

  • Full-color interior art and a booklet.

  • Retro cartridge sleeve to fit your game case in.

  • 18" by 24" poster.

  • The original 8-bit video game soundtrack. 

(2nd Batch - Starts at 12:00 PM ET) Pressure Overdrive! from Strictly Limited Games

  • Regular (29.99€) Link

  • Collector's (49.99€) Link

The Regular Edition is limited to 1,700 copies and the Collector's Edition is limited to 1,300 copies. The CE includes:

  • Game

  • Hardcover CE Box with magnetic lock

  • Original Soundtrack

  • Hardcover Artbook

  • Stickersheet

  • Large Poster

  • Lifeguard Keychain

(Last Day - Closes at 11:59 PM ET) Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection Classic ($69.99) Limited Run Games

The Classic Edition includes:

  • Game

  • Custom Fangamer Neo Geo shockbox to store the game, which replicates the shockboxes seen with earlier NEO GEO AES releases.

  • A mini Samurai Shodown Collection NEO GEO AES cartridge.

  • Reversible shockbox cover sheet.

  • Removable Switch branded cover sheet (this sheet will ship sealed outwards, per Nintendo of America guidelines).

  • Original soundtrack on 2 CDs.

  • Artbook.

  • Replica MVS kit box to store the artbook and CD.

Tuesday, July 28th

Escape Game: Fort Boyard ($29.99) Amazon

This is the US/ESRB release. There is a PEGI release also from Microids.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered ($19.99) Amazon

This was previously an exclusive through GameStop and is now becoming a General Release. To my knowledge, there is no difference to the content on cart or the case itself.

Gone Home

  • iam8bit ($34.99) Link (Back in Stock)

  • Retail ($34.99) Link

The iam8bit store version includes:

  • iam8bit Exclusive Limited Physical Edition

  • Premium Reversible Cover Insert

  • Foldout Poster

The Best Buy version does not state what is different, but so far all of iam8bit's retail versions have differed slightly than their store exclusive editions.

Hover ($29.99) Amazon

This is the US/ESRB release. There is a PEGI release from Red Art Games.

Megadimension Neptunia VII ($TBD) from Limited Run Games

Preorders open at 12:00 PM ET and will be part of their Distributed Line (not numbered). Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Thursday, July 30th

Air Missions: HIND

  • Amazon Japan (~$30) Link

  • Playasia ($34.99) Link - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

Firefighters: Airport Heroes German Release (29.99€) Saturn

This will support English, but won't ship directly to the U.S.

Old School Musical ($34.54) Super Rare Games

Sales open at 1:00 PM ET and will be limited to 4,000 copies. The cart does contain all the DLC and the following items are included:

  • Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge

  • Interior art

  • Full-colour manual

  • Exclusive sticker

  • 3 card trading card pack (look at card #5!)

Professional Farmer: American Dream German Release (29.99€) Saturn

This will support English, but won't ship directly to the U.S.

Samurai Spirits NEOGEO Collection

  • ASIA Retail Release ($43.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA" - Releases July 28th.

  • JPN/CERO Regular Edition ($43.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

  • JPN Limited Edition Pack ($95.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

This will support English, but please note that there is a US/ESRB distributed through Limited Run Games (see Sunday's section above) as well as an EU/PEGI retail and Pix'n Love CE Exclusive up for preorder.

The JPN Limited Edition Includes:

  • Game

  • Special Arranged Soundtracks

  • Neo-Geo AES Version Package

  • Neo-Geo 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Sticker

Streets of Rage 4/Bare Knuckles IV

  • US/ESRB Retail Release ($39.99) Amazon

  • EU/PEGI Retail Release ($35.69) Shop4MegaStore - Releases July 31st

  • EU/PEGI Signature Edition CE Release ($59.99) Signature Edition - Releases July 31st

  • ASIA/GSRR Retail Release ($34.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

  • JPN/CERO Retail Release (~$40.00) Amazon Japan

  • JPN/CERO Retail Release ($51.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

  • JPN/CERO Retail Release w/ Badge Goodie (~$48.00) Amazon Japan

The US/ESRB & EU/PEGI Retail Release includes:

  • Reversible Cover

  • Art Booklet

  • Keyring

The EU/PEGI Signature Edition CE Release includes:

  • Game (includes reversible cover, art booklet and keyring)

  • Five limited edition enamel pins featuring Cherry Hunter, Blaze Fielding, Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Floyd Iraia.

  • Numbered collector’s certificate.

  • Axel Stone's blue bandana complete with Streets of Rage 4 logo.

  • 2CD Full Original Soundtrack.

  • Packaged in a sturdy “Sierra” box with outer sleeve.

The ASIA/GSRR Retail Release includes:

  • Reversible Cover

  • Soundtrack CD

The JPN/CERO Retail Release includes:

  • Bare Knuckle IV

  • Special Illustrated Box

  • Original Soundtrack CD

  • Reversible Box Cover

Friday, July 31st

Cat Quest + Cat Quest II: Pawsome Pack ($29.99) Amazon

Fairy Tail

  • US/ESRB Retail Release ($59.99) Amazon

  • US/ESRB Retail Release ($59.99) Best Buy - Get a $10 e-Gift Card with your Purchase

  • EU/PEGI Koei Tecmo UK Exclusive Guild Box (£99.99) Link (Sold Out)

The EU/PEGI UK Exclusive Guild Box Edition (SOLD OUT at this time) includes:

  • Collector's Box

  • Original Illustration B2 Poster

  • Sorcerer Magazine Special Issue: Game Release Edition (Japanese Language)

  • 3D Character Cards (3 Designs)

  • Special sticker set

  • Fairy Tail Full Game (PS4,  Switch & PC Steam)

  • (Early Purchase Bonus - Special costume: Erza)

Lovecraft's Untold Stories Collector's Edition ($39.49) Shop4MegaStore

This includes:

  • Game Disc

  • Badge

  • Artbook

  • Original Soundtrack

  • and Lithographs

Summer Sports Games (£19.16) Funbox Media - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

Super Trench Attack! (29,90€) Pixelheart

The EU release is limited to 3,000 copies. The US cover (still an EU cart) is ETA August release through VGNYsoft here.

The Persistence PEGI Edition ($28.69) Shop4MegaStore

This will be getting a US/ESRB retail release in September.

Limited/Indie Physical Publishers

Please note that due to the constantly changing availability and releases, I have decided to just provide links to the limited/indie publishers' sites. I encourage you all to visit their sites, see what they have, and support their continued efforts to help bring digital only games physically!

If I am missing any companies, please let me know so I can have them added.

Companies (Listed Alphabetically)

That's it for this week! What are you getting? Comment on Twitter and tag @JPSWITCHMANIA!



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