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Week of November 7th, 2021 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Pre-Orders

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


Did you watch our Series 3 Direct? If so, watch it again below! If not, you're in for a treat! Take a look at what we're bringing physically in the coming months! Pre-orders open November 16th on our website. See site for details.


I am so incredibly proud of Mrs. Switchmania and all her hard work as she brought Sammy the Sock to life! Whether you are a fan of children's rhyming books, have a young one who's ready for an adventure, or just looking for an amazing holiday gift, Sammy the Sock is for you. Grab your softcover or hardcover copy here!


You read that right! Super Blood Hockey Retro Upgrade Bundle and Pigeon Dev Games Collection Premium Edition are almost sold out on our website! Grab your copies here before they are gone.

SAVE MONEY! Too many Switch games coming out? Wish you could save some money while collecting? Well now you can!

PLAYCAST! Jeffrey, Barry and I talk about the game of the week, our latest pick-ups, The Switch Collector, and more! Check us out here.



Sunday, November 7th

(LAST DAY PRE-ORDER) Asdivine Collection ($49.99) distributed through Limited Run Games

Pre-orders close Sunday, November 7th at 11:59 PM EST. Reminder that this is a distributed title and not part of their numbered run. This release includes the following four games on one cartridge:

  • Asdivine Hearts

  • Asdivine Hearts II

  • Asdivine Dios

  • Asdivine Menace

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Deathsmiles I + II from Strictly Limited Games

These pre-orders are being offered in two batches: Saturday at 6:00 PM EST and Sunday at 12:00 PM EST. Please note that this release includes:

  • Deathsmiles (Arcade, Version 1.1, Normal)

  • Mega Black Label Edition (Arcade, Version 1.1, Normal)

  • Deathsmiles 2 (Arcade, IIX, Arrange)

  • plus the “Gothic wa Mahou Otome” DLC on cart/disc.

The Editions being offered are:

  • Standard (49.99€) Link - Limited to 2,800 copies

  • Collector's (89.99€) Link - Limited to 2,200 copies

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Collector's Edition Box

  • Nintendo Switch Game

  • Wall Scroll with Main Visual

  • 6 Artwork Postcards

  • Enamel Logo Pin

  • Deathsmiles Arcade Flyer

  • Key Chain Set with Familiar Spirits of the Characters

  • Acrylic Graveyard DIY-Orama (consisting of 4 Acrylic Standees)

  • Reversible Large Poster A2

  • OST with Arrange DLC Tracks

  • Characters and Logo Sticker-Set

  • 4 Character Cards

  • 3 Marquee Stickers

(LAST DAY PRE-ORDER) Pathway ($29.99) from Limited Run Games

Pre-orders close Sunday, November 7th at 11:59 PM EST.

Monday, November 8th

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Blazing Chrome from Pix'n Love

  • Standard ($40.25) Link

  • Limited Collector's Edition ($60.05) Link

Pre-Orders open at 11 AM EST. The Limited Collectors Edition is limited to 1,000 copies.

Included the Limited Collector's Edition includes:

  • Exclusive Cardboard Box

  • Physical Game

  • Artbook

  • OST on Double CD

Tuesday, November 9th

(NEW PRE-ORDER) BlazBlue CentralFiction Special Edition ($49.99) distributed through Limited Run Games

This is an open pre-order that closes on Sunday, December 12th at 11:59 PM EST. This is a distributed title and not part of LRG's numbered run.

(NEW RELEASE) Blue Reflection: Second Light

The Limited Edition includes:

  • BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light for Nintendo Switch™

  • Japanese Import Exclusive B2 Cloth Poster

  • Japanese Import Academy Notebook-styled Photo Album

  • Japanese Import Everyone’s Memories Album (Art book)*

  • Japanese Import Acrylic Mini Character Charms (2 versions)

  • North American Early Distribution “Special Costume for Ao: Ryza Style” Download Code

  • North American Collector’s Box

* Packaged separately from the Collector's Box.

(NEW RELEASE) ConnecTank ($29.99) Amazon

Please note that there is a variant cover standard edition & Collector's Edition up for pre-order and being distributed exclusively through Strictly Limited Games' Partner store.

(NEW RELEASE) My Singing Monsters Playground ($39.99) Amazon

(NEW RELEASE) The Smurfs: Mission ViLeaf

This is for the PEGI physical release. The ESRB physical release comes out on November 16th.

The Smurftastic Edition includes:

  • Game

  • 2 x Stickers sheets

  • 3 x Lithographs

  • Pap Smurf Key ring

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Collector's Edition box

  • Copy of The Smurfs: Mission ViLeaf game

  • 3 x Lithographs

  • 2 x Smurfs sticker boards

  • Papa Smurf key ring

  • the original soundtrack

  • Hefty Smurfs figurine

Wednesday, November 10th

(NEW RELEASE) Real Farm: Premium Edition ($39.99) Amazon

Thursday, November 11th

(NEW RELEASE) Heaven's Machine (Super Rare Shorts #1) ($38.74) Super Rare Games

While a certain amount are already in hand, pre-orders close on December 22nd. This is the first Super Rare Shorts title from Super Rare Games. What is a Super Rare Shorts? Read all about it .

(NEW RELEASE) Instant Sports Tennis Bundle (£19.99) Amazon U.K.

This is a PEGI fauxical release (digital code in case). As far as I'm aware, this is not getting an ESRB release, even though the standard game (with a cartridge) released previously.

This bundle includes:

  • Collector's Box

  • Fauxical (digital code in case; no cartridge) version of Instant Sports Tennis

  • Card Tennis Net

  • 2 x Foam Balls

  • 2 x Racket Accessories

(NEW RELEASE) Monster Hunter Rise/Monster Hunter Stories 2 Twin Pack (~83.06) Amazon Japan

This is a JPN physical release that contains both games and an exclusive slipcase. Both games should support English.

(NEW RELEASE) Pups & Purrs: Animal Hospital ($39.99) Amazon

Friday, November 12th

(NEW RELEASE) Eternal Radiance from 1Print Games

  • 1Print Store Exclusive Version ($34.99) Link

  • Variant Cover Standard Edition ($42.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

The 1Print Games Store Exclusive Edition includes:

  • Game

  • 2 Disc Soundtrack

  • Metallic Keychain

  • Numbered Authenticity Card

  • Booklet

  • Logo Sticker

The Variant Cover Standard Edition has different cover art, but no physical goodies.

(NEW RELEASE) GRIS ($29.99) Amazon

This is the ESRB standard retail release. This did get a PEGI retail release with a Collector's Edition. It does not appear that the Collector's Edition is coming to U.S. retailers.

(NEW RELEASE) Ion Fury (£17.99) Amazon U.K.

This is a PEGI fauxical release (digital code in case). Please note that this did get a true physical in ESRB and PEGI previously. As far as I'm aware, this is not getting an ESRB fauxical release.

(NEW RELEASE) Mensch: Argere Dich Nicht (£17.99) Saturn DE

This is a USK/PEGI physical release and does support English.

(NEW RELEASE) My Universe: Puppies & Kittens (£34.99) Amazon U.K.

This is for the PEGI physical release. This will be getting an ESRB physical release on November 23rd.

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Narita Boy from Limited Run Games

  • Standard ($39.99) Link

  • Collector's ($74.99) Link

Pre-Orders open at 10 AM EST and will be an open pre-order for both versions until Sunday, December 12th at 11:59 PM EST.

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Physical copy of Narita Boy for Switch

  • Narita Boy Cassette Soundtrack

  • 18x24 Poster

  • Techno-Sword Pin

  • Floppy Disk

(NEW RELEASE) Perky Little Things ($59.99) Funbox Media - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

This also includes a 200+ page NSFW fanservice book.

(NEW RELEASE) Shin Megami Tensei V

  • Standard Edition ($59.99) Amazon

  • Steelbook Launch Edition ($59.99) Amazon

  • Premium Edition ($119.99) Amazon

The SteelBook Edition comes with a SteelBook.

The Premium Edition includes:

  • Collectible Box

  • SteelBook (unclear if it includes the game case as well)

  • 2-Disc Soundtrack

  • 6" x 11.5" Sling Bag

  • 100+ Page Demon Hand Book

(NEW RELEASE) Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (£24.99) Amazon U.K.

This is for the PEGI physical release. This will be getting an ESRB physical release on November 19th.

Saturday, November 13th

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Cotton Fantasy distributed through Strictly Limited Games

  • Standard (39.99€) Link - Limited to 3,000 copies

  • Collector's (109.99€) Link - Limited to 2,000 copies

Pre-orders open at 12 PM EST. Please note that this is a distributed title and not part of Strictly's numbered run.

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch with reversible cover

  • Premium Collector’s Edition box with magnetic clasp

  • Colorful game manual

  • Numbered certificate of authenticity

  • Nata de Cotton Nendoroid figure (approx. 10cm)

  • Yunomi ceramic Japanese tea cup (230ml)

  • Hardcover art book (A5)

  • Large, 2-sided poster (A2)

  • 8 character cards (A7)

  • Original soundtrack on CD

  • Metal collector's coin

  • Rubber keychain in willow-shape

  • 2 stickers (die-cut, showing Cotton with Silk and the game logo)

Limited/Indie Physical Publishers

Please note that due to the constantly changing availability and releases, I have decided to just provide links to the limited/indie publishers' sites. I encourage you all to visit their sites, see what they have, and support their continued efforts to help bring digital only games physically!

If I am missing any companies, please let me know so I can have them added.

Companies (Listed Alphabetically)

Companies No Longer in Physical Publishing

  • B-SIDE Games (Closed Shop on 8/31) - Main Website

  • Physicality Games (Website still offering Mastiff titles, but not publishing titles under their Physicality brand) - Main Website

  • Warned Collectors (Never published a game, but stole people's money) - Main Website

That's it for this week! What are you getting? Comment on Twitter and tag @JPSWITCHMANIA!



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