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Week of October 4th, 2020 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Preorders

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

BIG & BIGGER NEWS! Jeffrey, Barry and I started a Nintendo Switch physical publishing company! Enter: Premium Edition Games! Our first release, Super Blood Hockey, is available to pre-order right now for International Customers (U.S. pre-orders have closed)!

We've also partnered with Video Games Plus to offer super affordable shipping worldwide! Read all about it here.

Super Blood Hockey ($39.95)

Pre-Orders will remain open at Video Games Plus for as long as they have allocation.

Included are the following:

  • Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game

  • Double-sided Insert

  • Full Color Manual

  • A "Special" Trading Card

  • A Logo Sticker

  • First Prints of the game will have a hand-drawn Full Color Glossy Slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat Fame!

If you haven't yet, make sure to watch our Direct below and then head on over to our site here to pre-order our first game...Super Blood Hockey!

KICKSTARTER! We are so honored and excited to be partnering with Fossil Games and HoundPicked for their Sunshine Manor: A Retro Horror Game Kickstarter now live! Yes, there is a physical! Check it out and pledge here. The Kickstarter closes on Friday, November 6th at 3:55 PM ET.

SAVE MONEY! Too many Switch games coming out? Wish you could save some money while collecting? Well now you can! Save 5% at Playasia and Funbox when you use checkout code SWITCHMANIA.

JP'S GIVEAWAY #1: I've teamed up with VGNYSoft to give away serial #0001 for Super Trench Attack!. Enter and ends October 4th.

JP'S GIVEAWAY #2: I've teamed up with Video Games Monthly to give away a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64 Gold Cartridge). Enter and ends October 8th.

PREMIUM EDITION'S GIVEAWAY #3: I've teamed up with 1PrintGames to give away a copy of Death Squared. Enter and ends October 10th.

THE SWITCH COLLECTOR VOLUME ONE! That's right! You can purchase Volume One (Year One) right now....right here.

THE SWITCH COLLECTOR VOLUME TWO! That's right! It's coming soon!

PLAYCAST! Jeffrey, Barry and I talk about the game of the week, our latest pick-ups, The Switch Collector, and more! Check us out here.

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New Releases/New Preorders

Sunday, October 4th

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Super Mario Party Double Pack ($99.99) Target Exclusive

You also get a $10 gift card (details state the promo expires 10/3) with your purchase.

(LAST DAY) Regions of Ruin ($29.99) from Limited Run Games

Tuesday, October 6th

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (£34.99) Amazon U.K.

This is getting a U.S. physical release coming out on November 3rd. You can pre-order that here.

Hidden Objects Collection ($39.99) Amazon

Ministry of Broadcast ($39.99) Amazon

The digital publisher, Hitcents, did tell me that the available stock amongst all the retailers carrying this was running low, so you may not want to wait on this. Additionally, there is a UK version that includes Badges for this title.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix ($39.99) Amazon - Currently $33.88 on Amazon

KICKSTARTER! We are so honored and excited to be partnering with Fossil Games and HoundPicked for their Sunshine Manor: A Retro Horror Game Kickstarter now live! Yes, there is a physical! Check it out and pledge here. The Kickstarter closes on Friday, November 6th at 3:55 PM ET.

Thursday, October 8th

Darkwood (~$34.89) from Super Rare Games

Sales open up at 1 PM ET and will be limited to 5,000 copies.

If My Heart Had Wings from eastasiasoft

  • Regular ($29.99) - Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

  • Limited ($39.99) - Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

Pre-Orders open at 11 AM ET. The Regular will be an open pre-order and the Limited is limited to 2,000 copies.

The Limited Edition includes:

  • Collector’s Box

  • Game (region free)

  • Game Manual

  • Original Soundtrack

  • Artbook

  • Numbered Certificate

  • Minicase Keychain

Piofiore: Fated Memories ($49.99) Amazon

Ys Origin (EU Standard Edition, $28.99) Shop4MegaStore

Please note that this game is coming out physically in every region (U.S. had exclusive pre-orders through Limited Run Games, E.U. has standard retail pre-orders as well as Strictly Limited Games exclusive versions, and Japan/Asia has it up at Playasia).

Friday, October 9th

Ben 10: Power Trip ($39.99) Amazon - Currently $33.88

Chasm from Limited Run Games

Pre-Orders for both the Regular and Classic Edition will be an open 4 week pre-order beginning at 10 AM ET.

  • Regular ($34.99) Link

  • Classic ($69.99) Link

The Classic Edition will include:

  • Collector's Box

  • Game

  • 4 Disc Soundtrack

  • Bird Familiar Plush

  • Hero Stickers

  • Into the Depths Artbook

  • Buttons

  • Reversible 18" x 24" Poster

FIFA 21 Legacy Edition ($49.99) Amazon

Get a Free Funko Pop! figure when you pre-order from Best Buy here.

Here's the free Funko Pop! figure of Paris Saint-Germain - Kylian Mbappe you get at Best Buy when you pre-order.

Let's Sing: Queen

This is not getting a physical in the U.S. In France, it appears to have come out on October 2nd, but everywhere else is October 9th.

  • Game w/ 1 Mic (£43.85) Base

  • Game w/ 2 Mic (appears to be a German exclusive) (58.48€) Saturn

The Survivalists ($39.99) Amazon

Limited/Indie Physical Publishers

Please note that due to the constantly changing availability and releases, I have decided to just provide links to the limited/indie publishers' sites. I encourage you all to visit their sites, see what they have, and support their continued efforts to help bring digital only games physically!

If I am missing any companies, please let me know so I can have them added.

Companies (Listed Alphabetically)

Companies to Stay Away From (DO NOT BUY FROM!!!)

That's it for this week! What are you getting? Comment on Twitter and tag @JPSWITCHMANIA!



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