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Game Review #141: Glass Masquerade (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Frankie W.

Developer: Onyx Lute

Publisher: Digerati

Category: Puzzle

Release Date: 02.08.2019

Price (at time of review): $11.99

Buy Glass Masquerade from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

A Sharp-Looking Puzzle

Glass Masquerade is a puzzle game featuring different stained-glass art that is broken into shards, and it is up to you to see how fast you can rearrange them back into the correct picture! You start with a couple hints to a few places, but after that, it is ALL on you and your ability to fill in the puzzle. Featuring 25 different puzzles, all inspired by different regions, Glass Masquerade is a chill-out puzzle game that isn’t going to stress you out with time or move limits, so sit down, relax, and let's get into Glass Masquerade!

What Is Your Orientation?

From the main menu you will load up a map of the world, and from there you can select a level—depending on which ones you have beaten—with each level being a piece of art inspired from its respective country! From there you will be taken to the puzzle screen, with two rows of shattered glass on each side of the center, where you will assemble the puzzle. Accompanying the actual puzzle is a beautiful soundtrack from Russian composer Nikita Sevalnev, which really helps to get you into the Zen-like mode you are going to be shooting for in this game. When you select a piece of the puzzle, it spins up to show you the actual design and orientation of the piece, so you can figure out where to place it!

I really wish that you saw all the pieces in the correct orientation right off the bat, because without that, you are just constantly picking each one up, one at a time, to try and check where it could fit into the puzzle. I feel like instead of padding the gameplay time in this way, it would have been a lot more satisfying to be able to quickly survey your available parts to pick the right part to fill in the puzzle, instead of having to essentially fumble around the available pieces in order to actually find the right one. It just felt like either an oversight, or it was intentional padding; and with the ability to replay the puzzles in order to get the best time you can, I feel like it would certainly help make your speed runs a little more purposeful. Rather than spending extra time finding the part, you could instead just pick the right places for them and build the stained glass art.

Down to Glass Tacks…

Glass Masquerade is an enjoyable romp, as you continue to unlock harder puzzles that will have you really trying out every piece you have in order to get your gorgeous stained glass puzzles in the right spots! The relaxing music and no-rush feeling of the game makes it perfect for bringing your Switch into your bed with you before bed, and just letting your brain relax and drift off to dream world. I enjoyed my time with Glass Masquerade, and I would recommend it for someone looking for a relaxing little escape for your brain—or for anyone who is a fan of stained glass art! This game’s distinctive art-deco-inspired art style mixed with its journey around the world that inspired the art make this game is a visual treat; and combined with the music, it is sure to please. I give Glass MAsquerade a 5/10 for a solid puzzle game that could do a few parts of its gameplay better, but its visuals and presentations make up for it!

Score: 5/10

Buy Glass Masquerade from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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