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Product Review #019: EvoRetro GameCube Adapter Bundle (Nintendo Switch/Wii U/PC)

Reviewer: Allan Jenks

Manufacturer: EvoRetro

Price (at time of review): $24.99

Buy the EvoRetro GameCube Adapter Bundle from Amazon here.

Though it is not the most rational-looking thing in the world, there is a chaotic beauty to the GameCube controller. Smash Bros. players swear by it as the chosen controller for their craft. It is such a beloved controller that it has been used on every Nintendo console that has succeeded the GameCube, either by means of built-in controller ports like with the Wii, or through an adapter like the one we are going to discuss today. There are many adapters like it, but this one is mine. It is the EvoRetro GameCube Adapter for Switch/Wii U/PC.

Let me start out with what I consider to be the best part about this whole thing: the EvoRetro GameCube Adapter is available in a bundle that comes with the adapter, an EvoRetro GameCube Controller, and an extender cable for the controller. The best part? You get all three pieces for $24.99! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that. You can barely buy a 3rd-party GameCube controller for $25-$30, and most adapters will run you around $15 alone, so you’re already doing pretty good here!

The adapter itself is a simple and efficient design: four controller ports on the front panel, and on the back panel there is a switch to change between Switch/Wii U use and PC use. There is also a turbo button on the back of the adapter, which I am not really fond of, as it is just awkward. You have to press and hold the button on the controller that you want to be turbo, then press the turbo button to save it. I’m guessing this is more useful for something specific that I just don’t implicate in my gaming, because I would like the ability to turn it on and off quickly, and without having to reach for something other than the controller, but I’m sure there are folks out there who would love this feature.

The cord from the adapter to the console/PC is quite long, and even with the regular length of the controller’s cord, it would be more than enough length from you to the console, even sitting a good distance from there, but you also have the cord extender, which itself is quite long. If you have a larger space to clear than what the combined length of these cords can provide, you need to just pull up a damn chair, because you are too far away.

I am not a super hardcore gamer who notices tiny lags and FPS drops very easily, though I am at least more than a casual gamer, and I did not notice any latency issues with the adapter. Everything seemed to do what I was telling it to do when I was telling it to do it, and it really felt natural.

Overall, I really like this adapter, and for the price, you really can’t beat it. The controller played very nicely as well, and alone is worth the price. You can check out our review of the EvoRetro GameCube Controller here. I would definitely recommend this to you if you are looking for a way to play your GameCube controllers on your Switch, Wii U, or your PC, and don’t feel like dropping the big bucks on the OEM equivalent. I would have liked to have seen a turbo button built in to the controller, if anything, but I really don’t use that feature anyway, so at the end of the day, it really didn’t affect me too much.

Score: 9/10

Buy the EvoRetro GameCube Adapter Bundle from Amazon here.

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