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Game Review #309: GoFishing 3D The Real Fishing (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Steven Green

Developer: Mastercode

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.

Category: Simulation/Fishing

Release Date: 05.28.2019

Price (At Time of Review): $14.99

Buy GoFishing 3D The Real Fishing from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Real Fishy

GoFishing 3D is a classic simulation game that goes for realism in the sport of fishing. Go fishing in large open areas or take out the boat, switch between different hooks, poles, and miscellaneous fishing equipment, and customize your character with different outfits. Battle the might of these underwater ancients with simple gameplay that emphasizes catching as many fish as possible, gaining experience, and earning coins to purchase new items and locations.

Keeping it Simple

The gameplay in GoFishing 3D, as is present in most simulation games, is about trying to keep things as simple and realistic as possible. Basically, you walk around with one control stick and position where you want to cast with the other. Cast out with one button and then reel in with the trigger. That’s about it when it comes to actual mechanics. You have to watch a meter that fills slowly as you fight that fish that represents how close you are to losing the fish as you reel it in closer. In order to keep the fish, you must release the trigger, let the meter go down, and then continue with the trigger. As long as you make sure to do that you will not have a difficult time reeling in the fishies. Beyond that you can use different baits, lines, hooks, and a few other things in order to customize the type of fish you are going for and this mechanic is used to unlock the ability to catch better fish. GoFishing 3D isn’t trying to change the game or do anything outside of the norm; just sit back, relax, and catch the fish.

Coins and XP

Progression in the game is built into its coin and experience system. You gain experience with each successful catch and earn coins for completing the objectives of each level you unlock. You can then unlock additional fishing locations based on your experience and can purchase your new items and fishing passes with the coins you collect. Progression can go as fast or slow as you want, really. They aren’t trying to tie you down here to anything difficult or tedious. If you want to sit back and take your time you can do that, or if you want to power through to get to the maps farther in the game it won’t take you long to do that either.

Looking Polygonal

The graphics for the game definitely leave something to be desired, but that isn’t what you are looking for if you purchase this title. The game looks straight out of the PS2 era, with very low poly renders, and sparse environments. They have large, open areas for you to walk around in, but not much to look at, sadly. I will say, however, that if you are a fan of graphics from that era, then this is something you might really enjoy and add to the pro list when searching for the right fishing game for you. To me though, the game felt pretty dated. This is something that didn’t hold me back from enjoying the relaxing experience this game offers though.

The music in this title is what you would expect from your run-of-the-mill hunting or fishing title. You have woodsy tracks that bring you to the country and the older way of living. Nothing but sitting back and waiting for the line to catch, as you would expect. Twangs abound.

In closing…

GoFishing 3D is a game that is tough to recommend for the majority, unless you are specifically looking for a fishing title that just lets you pump out the fish and have a good time doing it. The game doesn’t add any gimmicks or special mechanics in any way to set it apart and takes steps back in a few areas in comparison to what is currently available in the genre. This game thrives at simplicity, and there is nothing wrong with that. I had a fine time cracking a beer and just catching some fish; you really can’t dislike that part of it, but for someone who is well-versed in the genre, or is looking for something new and cutting edge, you will probably have to look elsewhere.

Score: 5/10

Buy GoFishing 3D The Real Fishing from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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