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Game Review #328: Project Nimbus: Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Reviewer: WoodmanFLG

Developer: GameTomo

Publisher: GameTomo

Category: Mech, Action, Third Person Shooting, Arcade

Release Date: 5.16.2019

Price (at time of review): $19.99

Buy Project Nimbus: Complete Edition from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Take to the Clouds

This is another one of those games where, the second JP and Chad got their hands on it, they knew it would be coming to me. They just rightly know that I sure as heck love me some high-flyin', robot-blastin', mecha action, and Project Nimbus: Complete Edition fits the bill to a T.

Of course, every mech story has to have its own name for them, and in this case, that is the Battle Frame. You will pilot everything from rank and file Battle Frames that have cannons for arms and not much else, all the way to highly advanced Battle Frames that read the mind of the pilot (Of course in game its much more filled with sci-fi jargon, which I happen to love) in order to have it predict and react to the movements of them. Also, it has autopilot drones that intercept missiles too, so like, that is pretty much the coolest! And the best part, that is only 2 of over a dozen different Battle Frames this game has! Let's dive into Project Nimbus: Complete Edition!

Zoomin’ Around

This game’s main mode is its story mode, which consists of 26 different missions that will take you from all kinds of places. Space, enemy bases, the ocean, and more await you in this story mode, as well as a pretty cool story that deals with the politics surrounding a war-torn planet that has some nice little twists and turns that surprised me. A lot of the story is done with audio logs in-between missions, and events that happen during your mission.

You will be eliminating targets, protecting objectives, flying through space fortresses while your teammates hack the computers, and even more! Project Nimbus offers a ton of different objectives for your missions that will always have you entertained with the variety, but also because this is all wrapped around a game that is very tight and entertaining in its core gameplay. I immediately took to the skies with the innovative controls, boosting around, matching trajectory with my targets in order to hit them while we are both moving at high speeds, and more.

Huge Arsenal

You have a HUGE variety of weapons to choose from, and they feel great. The tight, fast-paced controls let you really pull off some anime-mai- character-type maneuvers, flying into tightly knit squads of enemies, flying through them as you shoot them down, launching a salvo of missiles at the other, and seamlessly switching to rail gun to snip the one that almost got away. I felt like I was a newtype from Gundam at some points; you can slow down time to select what armament you want to do, and since you control Battle Frames that have so many weapons, switching one at a time would be nowhere near quick enough. This leads to you being able to seamlessly switch to whichever weapon suits the situation. I found myself constantly switching around, reloading my weapons that needed it while attacking with others, and making sure I always used the high cooldown weapons quicker, like the psycho drones or smart missile.

This game is going to outfit you with everything from machine guns, laser rifles, smart missiles, micro missiles, giant laser cannons, rail guns, and just about everything in between! You are always getting new weapons thrown at you, as well at Battle Frames, and it really keeps the story moving and interesting, as you never have to settle with the same loadout for too long.

You are going to have to master your arsenal, as this game has some CRAZY boss fights. You will be fighting ace pilots, squads of aces, giant battleships, and even some larger mechs than you can pilot, and each of them offers a unique encounter with strategies to take them down that might not always seem apparent.

Extra Modes

Even beyond the story mode, this game also offers a survival mode where you get to pick from all of the different Battle Frames and see how long you can stay alive as you fight enemy forces that continually get stronger until they take you down. I always enjoy these kinds of modes that have you just fighting your hardest against increasingly powerful odds until you can’t anymore!

The next extra mode this game offers is called Warfront, and it is made up of a few different mission modes that mimic some of the missions from story mode, but it is capable of longer form than in story mode. It offers multiple difficulty modes for this mode, so if you really want to punish yourself, go for the highest difficulty mode—but it is ROUGH! Being able to customize your Battle Frame, however, is what kept me coming back to Warfront. It is pretty awesome they had a mode to keep me playing this after I was done with story!

Wrapping Up

I had an absolute blast playing this game; I’m super happy I got the chance to play this! Really, the only negative I can say is that the in-game 3-D graphics are pretty simple, but they aren't offensive. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Project Nimbus, and any mech enthusiasts with a taste for anime will find themselves engrossed in the story and the high-flying mech action. The music accompanies the action appropriately, and the sound effects are what you would expect: lots of lasers, bullets, and explosions! I highly recommend this one, I had a GREAT time with it! I give Project Nimbus: Complete Edition a 9/10!

Score: 9/10

Buy Project Nimbus: Complete Edition from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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