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Game Review #425: The Tower of Beatrice (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Steven Green

Developer: Fairy Forest

Publisher: Sometimes You

Category: Puzzle-Adventure

Release Date: 7.31.2019

Price: $5.99

Buy The Tower of Beatrice from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Book Thief

The Tower of Beatrice is a puzzle-adventure that takes from the point-and-click genre and adds in some hidden object shenanigans. You must search through to get objects to combine for potions or spells that allow you to progress, and with that you are able to escape with the much-wanted Book of Recipes. You are here on a contract from a mysterious client who is searching for this book and hires you to go through this tower, avoiding the sorcerer who resides here, in order to get out with the book and your contract completed. You have a lot of goals to accomplish in this one in order to get out okay, and you will have to put your mind to the test to find the right combinations.

Puzzle Pieces

The puzzles in this game are the mainstay, and they offer a decent experience overall. You have tons of different recipes and item combinations to pick through that allow for you to progress in this one. As is classic in point-and-click style titles, you have some puzzles that make perfect sense, and others that are completely ridiculous in the leaps of logic you have to take to combine items that have no rational value being rubbed together. Nonetheless, this is something that old school fans of point-and-clicks will be familiar with, and with this title being such a fairly-priced experience, it is one to take note of in the puzzle department. However, the game is short, and pretty easy outside of the crazy mixes of trial and error you have to push through. Some of the coolest parts of this game are the loads of Easter eggs you will come across that make for a quick smile and a “No way!” while playing through this one.

Spelling It Out

The Tower of Beatrice is a fun escape room title with some decent puzzles for the price. It isn’t top notch when it comes to making sense, as is common in point-and-click style titles, and the game offers a fairly short and easy experience as a whole, which is something that many lovers of the genre will want to take note of. I can definitely recommend this game for puzzle aficionados, as it brings some fun twists and turns to the story of this puzzler, but isn’t a title that I can safely say should be added to the must-plays of a genre with plenty of great titles to play through.

Score: 6/10

Buy The Tower of Beatrice from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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