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Product Review #021: Rayvol Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

Reviewer: Allan Jenks

Manufacturer: Rayvol

Price (at time of review): $37.99

Purchase from Amazon here.

Rayvol Moves From Cases to Bluetooth Accessories

The Rayvol Bluetooth Adapter for the Nintendo Switch is a device that you plug into the USB port of your Switch to allow you to use Bluetooth audio devices, such as ear buds, speakers, or headphones. It has a simple, but pleasing design, with a classic-style controller pictured on the top-facing side of the adapter—technically a transmitter—and the LED indicator lights on the bottom-facing side. This is a nice feature, as it keeps the lights from flashing in your eyes while you are playing.

The adapter also comes with a pass-through USB Type-C adapter that allows you to charge your Switch while still using the Bluetooth adapter, and also allows you to connect to the console base, as well as a microphone you can plug into a 3.5mm audio jack. There is no battery needed for the adapter, and it uses a negligible amount of power from the Switch itself while plugged in. It was incredibly easy to pair with every device I tried, and worked like a charm.

Now, the adapter itself is Bluetooth 5.0 with an aptX-LL format, which is optimized for extremely low latency, but I do not have ear buds that are aptX-LL, only SBC format, so I did have a very slight delay while using the ear buds. It was there if you listened for it, but otherwise, it was hardly noticeable while playing. I would recommend either getting some aptX-LL ear buds or sticking with wired headphones though if you are playing something along the lines of a rhythm game, where a little latency will mess you up.

The Rayvol Bluetooth Adapter is a great product, especially for the price! If you are in the market for a good Bluetooth transmitter for your Switch, I would recommend you take a listen to this one. If I had to offer a criticism, it would be that the device feels a bit on the delicate side to me, which is surprising, since I have several Rayvol protective carrying cases for my Switch, and the construction has always been quite solid. Though it does feel a bit delicate, it may just be the simplicity of the design and the lightweight nature of the materials used, as, so far, it has held up quite well residing within the mesh pocket of my Rayvol case.

Score: 9/10

*Product was provided for review purposes.

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