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Product Review #004: System Backpack - Switch Elite Edition (PDP Gaming)

Reviewer: Frankie W.

Manufacturer: PDP Gaming

Buy PDP's System Backback - Switch Elite Edition from Amazon here.

It was the weekend of my birthday, Super Smash Brothers just came out, and my favorite convention in Florida was the move, Holiday Matsuri, a Christmas-themed anime convention in Orlando. Obviously, among the gamer groups, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate was clearly the game to be playing, and I don’t exactly enjoy tons of randoms in my Hotel Room just to play some video games. I needed a solution, one that would give me free reign of movement while also holding the precious goods that we all wanted. Thank god that right before I made my Holiday Matsuri Plans, the System Backpack - Switch Elite Edition by PDP arrived in our hands, JUST in time for the best stress test you could imagine! Read on as I break down this awesome accessory that anyone looking for a mobile solution to carrying the entire switch system should shoot for.

What Fits Inside?

The System Backpack - Switch Elite Edition by PDP features a wide and spacious inside, with dedicated spots for your pro controllers, your switch console, as well as a space designated as a “Laptop Sleeve” that can fit MUCH more! I was able to comfortably carry a charging base for the Switch, the Switch dock, my Switch console in a small carrying case that holds some games, ALL the cords I needed, as well as an extra 2 Joy-Cons, 2 grips for Joy-Cons, and 2 Pro Controllers. It really made setup and clean up quick and easy having designated spots for much of the equipment, and I was never feeling worried about the safety of the items contained within, which is huge for me.

What About Construction?

There is nice padding throughout the entire backpack to protect your items, and polyurethane foam holds up great to time, as well as being VERY protective. It also features a front pocket of decent size to hold some other things, which I used it to hold onto a few personal items. I did not put any technology in the front pocket, but it seems to be just as padded as the other compartments! The total dimensions for this product at 6.5” x 13.5” x 20”.

Should You Buy It?

There really is not a ton to say about this product outside of how solid it is. It's a great simple solution to carry your entire Switch setup in one safe space! I can’t recommend the System Backpack - Switch Elite Edition by PDP enough, and it has a great price point as well! If you are planning on any kind of trip where you want to bring your precious Switch without fear of damaging it, you can’t go wrong with PDP’s latest foray into Switch transporting solutions!

Final Score: 10/10

Buy PDP's System Backback - Switch Elite Edition from Amazon here.

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*Review Backpack Provided by PDP Gaming

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