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Product Review #006: Limited Run Games' Nintendo Switch Console Case

Reviewer: John B.

Manufacturer: Limited Run Games

MSRP Price (at time of review): $14.99

Buy Limited Run Games' Nintendo Switch Carrying Case here.

Nintendo Switch

We all know by now that the Switch’s strongest attribute is its ability to give players a full console experience on the go. That said, it’s fairly big for a handheld electronic device and keeping it safe while you’re not playing it can be an area of concern. So, obviously, you need a solid carrying case to ease your worries. Limited Run is tired of just providing you with physical versions of the Switch’s most popular indie titles, so they’re throwing their hat in the console peripheral market ring with a new Limited Run-branded Switch case.

Sleek, Smooth Design

The Limited Run case has a lot going for it from a design standpoint; it’s smooth, compact, and slim. It’s got a soft, vinyl leather exterior around a hard plastic shell. Inside, the case is covered in a soft fabric so as not to scratch up or otherwise scuff your Switch while you’re in transit. The bottom tray, where the console goes, has two elastic bands to hold your console securely in place. There’s a flap with storage space for 5 game cards attached to the top tray, which also includes a mesh net where you can store cables or extra Joy-Cons, with the aforementioned flap in the way to protect your screen from anything in the net. Similar cases have space for ten cards, and there’s definitely space for another row here, so I do have to dock a few points for that.

The thin design does prevent the case from being able to fit the Switch’s AC adapter. However, if you have USB cables for your console this isn’t an issue. It would be nice if Nintendo would make some official ones, but that’s not Limited Run’s problem, I guess. Also, putting extra Joy-Cons into the net stretches the case out a little, making it a little harder to zip closed. That’s not a deal breaker, but it is something to be aware of. Overall, though, the slim design is a positive for me. I’m not that worried about my AC adapter getting scratched in my backpack or suitcase, so I don’t mind it being packed free. The important thing is that the shell is fairly sturdy; I wouldn’t try standing on it or anything, but it will keep your Switch safe in any kind of luggage. I really like the thin design, as anything that saves space when I’m travelling is a positive in my book.

Sizing Up (or Down) the Competition

Before this, I was using the RDS Industries Protective Deluxe Travel Case to store my Switch on long trips. The Limited Run case is fairly similar in terms of protection and storage, but there are some differences. First, it’s about half as thick, so, like I said before, I value things that save me space when I’m travelling. The RDS case doesn’t get stretched out when you put Joy-Cons in the storage area, so I guess it has that advantage if you care about that. But it is also too thin to be able to contain the AC adapter so it doesn’t have that much extra space, so I’m calling that one a draw. The RDS case has a handle which the Limited Run case lacks, but it’s pretty debatable how important that is. Frankly, holding the case by a handle and letting it swing around as you walk seems like a risk I’m not willing to take. I carry my Switch like a running back, high and tight; but then again I might be clinically insane. Finally, the Limited Run case costs five bucks less for the same level of protection, so it has the most important advantage right there.

The Case of the Secure Switch

It’s no mystery that you need a case if you’re going to bring your Switch travelling with you. The Limited Run Games Switch Console Case is one of your best bets if you want a compact, sturdy case that slips easily into any luggage without taking up precious space. It can fit a variety of game cards and peripherals - just not an AC adapter. The case is designed to keep your Switch in place without scuffing or scratching it, and it costs less than comparable cases from its competitors. Limited Run Games’ Switch Console Case is one of the best values for your money for taking care of your Switch.

Final Score: 8/10

Buy Limited Run Games' Nintendo Switch Carrying Case here.

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