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Product Review #008: Rayvol's Nintendo Switch EVA Hardshell Travel Carrying Case

Reviewer: Allan J.

Manufacturer: Rayvol


Price (at time of review): $24.99

Buy Rayvol's Nintendo Switch EVA Hardshell Travel Carrying Case here.

Previously, I reviewed the Rayvol Deluxe Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch, the largest in the Rayvol line here, and I reviewed the Rayvol Slim Carrying Case, the smallest in the Rayvol line here. Today, I will take a look at the Rayvol EVA Hardshell Travel Carry Case, which is the medium-sized carrying case in the Rayvol line of Nintendo Switch cases. This case still offers a portable option for bringing your Switch along with you, but with some added storage space for a few accessories and cables.

What Fits in the Case?

The Rayvol EVA Hardshell Travel Carry Case is a portable case designed to hold the Switch console with attached Joy-Cons. This case does not hold the docking station or a Pro Controller, but it does have a decently large mesh pocket that can hold an extra set of Joy-Cons attached to the dual grip, along with a power cable and slides for the Joy-Cons. There are also built-in game storage flaps that hold up to 29 Switch cartridges! I find this case to be quite useful for situations where you may need to bring your Switch along with you to a friend’s house, and maybe a set of Joy-Cons in the grip, but your friend already has their own Switch and dock, so you can travel a bit lighter.

What About Construction?

This case, as with the entire Rayvol line of Switch cases, is very solidly built. The case features a hard EVA shell, which has recessed spots on the bottom, so that the back of the Joy-Cons can sit flat in the case. The case doesn’t really need any straps to keep the Switch in place, but for added security, there is a strap that goes under then over the Switch, attaching to the game storage flap with Velcro. This not only secures the console in place, but also provides an easy and safe means of pulling the console out of the case without having to tip it upside down and risk a drop.

The top shell is basically a big storage pocket with a hard shell to protect your accessories, and the game storage flaps sit flat over the screen of the console, providing a cushion between the storage pocket and the screen. When closed, the top and bottom shell fit snugly together with the help of the well-fitted zipper track along the outside of the case, so there is little risk of the shells slipping to the side and crushing the inner contents. I have used other cases with larger storage pockets, but most are just large enough to look like they are useful, while actually not holding much more than a cord or a Joy-Con slide. The Rayvol Travel Case has a slightly larger pocket than most other cases, giving it a larger overall footprint, but it serves a very functional purpose, which is always nice.

Pros and Cons – Should You Buy This?

The pros for this case, once more, far outweigh the cons. As with the Slim Case, there really aren’t many cons of which to speak. The lack of color options is not a deal-breaker, but it would still be nice to have a few other options. Other than that, I just wish the larger storage pocket was slightly larger so I could fit a Pro Controller in there, but it does fit a set of Joy-Cons in the grip, so I can’t complain too much.

Overall though, this case is quite nice, and is strong, well-crafted, and priced well at $24.99. Rayvol is an awesome brand, and I continue to be very impressed with their line of Switch cases. I would absolutely recommend the Rayvol EVA Hardshell Travel Carry Case for the Nintendo Switch to anyone who wants to bring their Switch with them everywhere they go, but may also want to carry a few extra accessories without having to lug around a full system case. I give this one, as with the entire Rayvol line, another 10/10.

Score: 10/10

Buy Rayvol's Nintendo Switch EVA Hardshell Travel Carrying Case here.

*Case Provided by Rayvol

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