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Product Review #010: EvoRetro 3 Protectors Shock Proof Case/Protectors Pack (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Jordan M

Company: EvoRetro

Price (at time of review): $9.99

Buy from Amazon here.

Recently, I had an opportunity to try out the shock proof three protector pack collection from Montreal-based company EvoRetro. What this package is essentially including is a kind of "all in one" package as far as protection for your Nintendo Switch goes. The kit itself includes a tempered glass protector for the screen of your Switch, a peelable screen protector to apply on top of the tempered glass protector (or your regular screen too if for whatever odd reason you didn't want the tempered glass), and also a durable shock proof protective case to slide onto your Switch.

The packaging of this product is really sharp and well thought out. The imaging on the box does a great job of providing you with exactly what is being included inside. They offer a description in English as well as in French, but even if it was entirely in French I feel you would still have a solid idea of what you were getting which is great especially when purchasing foreign products. Upon opening the package, I found that each individual piece, especially the tempered screen, was nicely packaged and protected. It was easy to know what side of the screen to peel off thanks to the handy tab included on the edge, which allowed for a quick and easy peel.

The package itself didn't include any sort of info as far as advice on cleaning your Switch for screen application, or how to properly apply, etc., so I did find myself having to go to YouTube to make sure I did it correctly the first time. For some people like myself who tend to be on the clumsier side, this may leave them a little nervous. The screen itself applied to my Switch very quickly and evenly and looks perfect as far as gameplay goes. After a few minutes I forgot it was there.

The grip case feels well-made, and in no way blocks any vents or other vital spots on the Switch. It is thin enough that it doesn't feel bulky. Also, it slides on and off with ease. I would definitely recommend this product, and if just a bit more instruction were included, I'd say I couldn't have asked for more from everything about the product overall.

SCORE: 9/10

Buy from Amazon here.

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