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Product Review #014: EvoRetro Steering Wheels for Nintendo Switch (4-Pack)

Reviewer: Bradford E. (The Waffinator)

Company: EvoRetro

Price (at time of review): $24.95

Buy the EvoRetro Steering Wheels for Nintendo Switch (4-Pack) in the EvoRetro store here.


If there is one accessory that seems to be popular for the newer Nintendo systems (Wii and now the Switch) it is the wheels, especially for Mario Kart. I personally never really cared for the steering wheels. The only steering wheels I have ever liked are the ones for PlayStation and using them with Gran Turismo. But I am willing to try new things before deciding how I feel about them. Quick story; I was so excited about the new Team Sonic Racing that I was trying to play the game with the wheels and getting very furious that they weren’t working just to find out the game doesn’t support motion controls. LAME! Anyways so I took that game right out, popped in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and tore up the tracks with the kid and these rad Switch Steering Wheels from EvoRetro.


The ease of use was probably my favorite part of the wheels. I like when my kid can use accessories on his own and not have to chew off my ears asking for help. I mean I don’t mind helping but sometimes I have other matters to address and I like when he can be self-sufficient. So, like I was saying the Joy-Cons pop right in with no problem and even though they pop in easily the wheels grip them bad boys well and they don’t slip out. I mean if you pull them they come out easily, I am just saying that because they popped in easy they don’t slide out easily. It’s not all loosey goosey I guess is the point I am trying to get across.


The nice, sturdy plastic and can take being dropped by a 6-year-old onto wooden floors. I know because I watched my child drop his wheel with my Joy-Cons. You should have seen the level of horror on my face; I thought I was going to have to switch Joy-Conswith him, but that was not the case. I picked the wheel up and it was still nice and snug within the wheel. So basically, kid tested, Waffinator approved. As for the size, I wish they were a tad bigger. That’s one of my pet peeves with the switch; the Joy-Consare small, therefore they have smaller accessories. But overall the wheels match the size of the Joy-Cons.

Color coding them to match the Joy-Cons is cool, but not a plus for me, but I can see it being a plus for a more OCD type of person. I like the black ones, personally - especially because I would love to rock those ones with my Green and Pink Joy-Cons. As for the buttons they are very comfortable for usage. What I am saying is they are easy to push and aren’t stiff or offering a lot of resistance. I have also seen wheels where the buttons were too loose. Because of that you would have to really push and I was always afraid I was going to break the buttons. On the back of the controller there is a pattern engraved into the wheel offering a slightly better grip for you.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I am still not sold on the wheels, not because the product is awful, no sir not at all. But because I am not a fan of this accessory in general. The kid however absolutely loved them! Because of the durability and the ease of use I would recommend this accessory to anyone that is really into Mario Kart for the Switch and is a fan of the steering wheel. Like I said: kid tested, Waffinator approved.

Score: 10/10

Buy the EvoRetro Steering Wheels for Nintendo Switch (4-Pack) in the EvoRetro store here.

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