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Product Review #023: Gravilogic Switchblades

Reviewer: John B.

Company: Gravilogic

Price: $18.00-$53.00


Buy Gravilogic Switchblades from the Gravilogic website here.

The Kind of Swtichblade They’ll Allow on Airplanes

When JP told me he had some Switchblades with my name on them, I started packing my bags and got ready to skip town. Before the FBI could finalize my witness relocation plans, JP showed up and pulled out a sleek, velvet bag. “Don’t do it! I’m sorry!” I screamed, dropping to my knees. “I got these Switchblades for you,” he said, solemnly, “I’ll need these reviewed ASAP.” I got up and took the bag. “Oh, THOSE Switchblades,” I replied, trying to sound nonchalant and turning to one side to cover up the large urine stain creeping down my pants, “I saw those on Kickstarter. They seem cool.” And they are cool, for a couple of reasons.

Stability and Style

The primary purpose of the Switchblades is to provide a sturdy, solid support for your Nintendo Switch when you’re playing it on the go. And it does that extremely well, all while staying compact, sleek, and attractive. The Switchblades easily slide in and out of the Joycon slots, and they come in a nice carrying bag that will fit neatly into most carrying cases. The supports look a little thin, but they’re surprisingly solid when deployed. I popped them out and hit the table I put my Switch on five times trying to simulate someone accidentally bumping the table and the thing hardly budged; for comparison’s sake I did the same with the Switch’s built-in stand and it fell over on the first bump. The stands can be adjusted to a wide range of angles, if you have a preference for that sort of thing, and it stays relatively stable across all of them.

In addition to its thin profile, Switchblades come in a wide variety of styles and materials. There are a number of hardwoods with different finishes available from which to choose. There is also an Executive Edition that has aluminum inlaid with hardwood which looks fancy and super-professional, but they’re also on the pricier side. Finally there are some pretty cool acrylic models that feature very attractive designs in a variety of colors. I think the hardwoods look the best of the regular models; especially the ones with the darker finishes. It just adds a touch of class to everything. The Executive models looked the best overall, really, like something out of a Sharper Image catalogue. Very classy.

I Don’t Always Play Switch on the Go. But When I Do, I Prefer Gravilogic Switchblades

Most of the time when I play my Switch, I do so either docked on my TV or just handheld. It’s not often that I’m playing it on the go where I need to have a stand, but the Switchblades kinda make me wish that situation would come up more often. I really like the way they look on the sides of the Switch, and they really do provide superior stability. They’re fairly small so they’re easy to pack and carry around, and they come in a nice bag so they won’t get separated if you place them in a larger bag. If you often find yourself playing your Switch as a standalone unit, this is the best product I have seen designed for that purpose.

Score: 10/10

Buy Gravilogic Switchblades from the Gravilogic website here.


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