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Week of February 7th, 2021 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Preorders

Updated: Feb 13, 2021



Want your first look at our amazing Pigeon Dev Games Collection's SteelBook®? Read all about it in our latest newsletter here and watch the video below!

Shipping Update

Have you pre-ordered your copies yet? If not, I wouldn't recommend waiting much longer! In fact, I even put some handy dandy links below for you! Shipping for the Premium Editions will begin soon!


Included are the following:

  • Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game

  • Double-sided Insert

  • Full Color Manual

  • A "Special" Trading Card

  • A Logo Sticker

  • First Prints of the game will have a hand-drawn Full Color Glossy Slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat Fame!


Limited to 5,000 copies worldwide. Pigeon Dev Games Collection consists of four titles developed by Pigeon Dev Games and published digitally by Sometimes You in a single package: Awesome Pea, Awesome Pea 2, Bucket Knight, and Explosive Jake. The collection, coming soon from Premium Edition Games, will feature high-quality, exclusive items and packaging in three versions:

Premium Edition” (3,000 available), priced at $39.95 with free shipping, includes:

  • Nintendo Switch™ Physical Case and Game

  • Double-sided Insert

  • Full Color Manual

  • A "Special Challenge" Trading Card

  • A Logo Sticker

  • First Prints of the game will have a hand-drawn Full Color Glossy Slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat fame!

Retro Edition” (1,000 available), priced at $59.95 plus shipping, includes:

  • Premium Edition (everything listed in the Premium Edition)

  • Official Steelbook

  • Retro "NES" Box that will hold the Premium Edition and Steelbook

Deluxe Edition” (1,000 available), priced at $99.95 plus shipping, includes:

  • Retro Edition (everything listed in the Retro Edition)

  • Single CD Cardboard Soundtrack

  • Enamel Pin

  • NEOGEO Case w/Single Sided Insert to hold Retro Edition, CD and Pin

  • 300 Page Hardcover Book

  • Hard Cardstock Slipcase over both NEOGEO Case and Book

THE SWITCH COLLECTOR VOLUME TWO is available to pre-order here.

SUNSHINE MANOR BACKERKIT! We are so honored and excited to be partnering with Fossil Games and HoundPicked for their Sunshine Manor: A Retro Horror Game. The Kickstarter has closed and the Backerkit is now open. So you can still secure your pre-orders here.

Kickstarter Exclusive Premium Edition

Kickstarter Exclusive Sunshine Edition

SAVE MONEY! Too many Switch games coming out? Wish you could save some money while collecting? Well now you can!

PLAYCAST! Jeffrey, Barry and I talk about the game of the week, our latest pick-ups, The Switch Collector, and more! Check us out here.



New Releases/New Preorders

Tuesday, February 9th

(RETAIL RELEASE) My Universe - Pet Clinic: Cats & Dogs ($29.99) Amazon

Wednesday, February 10th

(RETAIL RELEASE) Soccer Club Life Playing Manager

This game does support English. This includes bonus card packs! Cards (item codes) that can earn players and items with special skills will be bundled as packaged benefits!

Amazon Japan Pre-Order Champion Item Pack Code

Thursday, February 11th

(RETAIL RELEASE) Little Nightmares II

  • Regular Edition ($39.99) Amazon - Currently on sale for $33.99

  • Regular Edition ($39.99) GameStop - Includes exclusive pre-order bonus Mokujin Mask Digital Content.

  • (ESRB) Stay Tuned Edition ($59.99) Namco Bandai Store Exclusive

  • (PEGI) TV Edition (£49.99) Amazon U.K.

The Stay Tuned Edition (ESRB) includes:

  • Themed TV Box

  • Mono & Six Diorama

  • Steelbook

  • Artbook

  • Full Game

  • CD Soundtrack

  • Sticker Board

The TV Edition includes:

  • Game

  • Collector's TV box

  • Escape Diorama

  • Highly detailed Figurine of mono & six travelling through the TVs

  • Original soundtrack -the full soundtrack on CD and digital download

  • Artbook

  • Collectible Steelbook

  • Exclusive little nightmares II stickers

  • (Digital) Access to the nomes' Secret room -follow the nomes to find this special in-game puzzle and unlock the nomes' Hat as a reward upon completion

  • (Digital) Soundtrack

  • (Digital) Artbook

  • (Digital) Wallpapers and Avatars

GameStop Exclusive DLC Content

(RETAIL RELEASE) Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV: Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle ($59.99) Playasia - Save 5% with code "SWITCHMANIA"

This is an Asia English release.

Friday, February 12th

(RETAIL CONSOLE) Nintendo Switch: Mario Red & Blue Edition ($299.99)

U.S. retailers do not appear to be doing pre-orders, but here are the links just in case.



This console includes:

  • Features a bold red design on the Nintendo Switch console, Joy-Con™ controllers, and the Nintendo Switch Dock.

  • A solid blue design is featured on both the Joy-Con grip and Joy-Con wrist straps.

  • Includes a Mario Red & Blue Edition carrying case adorned with Super Mario iconography as well as a screen protector to keep your Nintendo Switch system secure.

  • 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode

  • 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Buildings Have Feelings Too!

The Signature Edition version includes:

  • Region free copy of of Buildings Have Feelings Too! on Nintendo Switch.

  • A property deeds certificate of ownership featuring the dev's signatures.

  • Two Exclusive Buildings Have Feelings Too! and Halfway Hotel enamel pins.

  • Three exclusive postcards featuring scenes from the game inspired by the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

  • Original Soundtrack CD.

(RETAIL RELEASE) Gal*Gun Returns

This Rice Digital exclusive LIMITED EDITION Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Polyester safety goggles that look suspiciously like a brassiere

  • Soundtrack with 3 CDs

  • 100-page art book – The Sexy Chronicles of Gal*Gun

  • A cover art insert

  • A set of 6 metal pins

  • An anniversary coin

  • A set of 6 art cards

  • A beautiful outer box

  • Limited Edition

  • Available in EU (PEGI) or North American (ESRB) region versions

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Knights and Bikes ($34.99) from Limited Run Games

This is an pre-order that begins at 10:00 AM EST and close on Sunday, March 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

(RETAIL RELEASE) Songbird Symphony ($13.31) Shop4MegaStore

This is a fauxical (digital code in case, no cartridge) release. Please note this did receive an actual PEGI physical previously.

(RETAIL RELEASE) Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ($59.99)


ESRB - Canada

  • EB Games - Includes exclusive double sided coin



Target Water Bottle

Best Buy Phone + Tech Badge

GameStop Posters

EB Games Coin

GAME UK SteelBook

Korean SteelBook

(NEW PRE-ORDER) To the Moon from Limited Run Games

  • Regular ($29.99) Link

  • Deluxe ($64.99) Link

Both editions are open pre-order that begin at 10:00 AM EST and close on Sunday, March 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Limited Run #97: To The Moon Deluxe (Switch)

  • Original Soundtrack on Physical CD

  • Reversible 18" x 24" Poster

  • River & Johnny Label Pins

  • Patty Plush

  • Origami Bunny PVC Keychain

(NEW PRE-ORDER) Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

The Signature Edition includes:

  • Region free copy of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on Nintendo Switch.

  • Numbered art print featuring the dev's signatures.

  • Two Exclusive Yonder and Groffle enamel pins.

  • A super-cute enamel cat keychain.

  • Original companion art book detailing the game's development.

Limited/Indie Physical Publishers

Please note that due to the constantly changing availability and releases, I have decided to just provide links to the limited/indie publishers' sites. I encourage you all to visit their sites, see what they have, and support their continued efforts to help bring digital only games physically!

If I am missing any companies, please let me know so I can have them added.

Companies (Listed Alphabetically)

Companies No Longer Publishing

Companies to Stay Away From (DO NOT BUY FROM!!!)

That's it for this week! What are you getting? Comment on Twitter and tag @JPSWITCHMANIA!



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