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Game Review #124: The Office Quest (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Bradford “The Waffinator” Ekstrom

Developer: 11Sheep

Publisher: 11Sheep

Category: Puzzle, Adventure

Release Date: 1.17.2019

Price (at time of Review): $11.99

Buy The Office Quest from the Nintendo eShop here.

Monday already???


“C'mon, can I just get five more minutes of sleep?” “What? I’ve already hit the snooze button three times? Darn, what time is it? Oh, no I’ve overslept, I need to get going!” “Get out of the way slow poke, why are you even in the fast lane if you’re going this slow?”


“Please just get out of the way!”

You finally get to work. “C'mon, who took my dang parking spot?” Anyone else ever have a Monday like this? Or even just a work day like this in general? You feel like you have accomplished climbing Mount Olympus at this point just to begin your 8-9 hour work day being miserable like this.

To be honest though, if I got to wear onesies to work, I don’t think I would be miserable or at least show that I am. And what if one day it all changed? What if one day a magical little red floating orb saved you from your ordinary boring life and brought you on a quest of a lifetime; THE OFFICE QUEST.

The Office Quest brings a whole new perspective on puzzle and point and click adventure games. It is a 2D side-scroller and very basic adventure style puzzle game. You ever watch a show or movie that at first, you’re not really into, but you can’t stop watching it and you don’t know why? And by the end you ended up enjoying it? That’s how I felt playing this game. I think it’s because as you progress, the puzzles get more challenging, and the game gets goofier and the scenarios are more insane. You start off in an office doing your everyday miserable routine and the next thing you know you’re in the woods battling a monster-type person/creature in a tic-tac-toe style game.

You Don’t Control Me, I Control You.

I don’t think the controls could be any simpler than they were in The Office Quest, but for this type of game that’s a good thing. All you need to know is that you use the left joystick to move the cursor around and the A button to confirm that’s where you want to move or what you want to choose. A few of the puzzles did use the D-pad, but for the most part all the controls were left joystick and the A button. So, for ease of use and fitting this type of game the controls were spot on.

Do You See What I See? Can You Hear What I Hear?

The whole time I played this game I was trying to find something audibly or visually wrong with it and I couldn’t find a thing. For a very basic game, audio- and graphics-wise it was spot on with enough to keep you interested and entertained. Some of the characters are hilarious and some of the scenes I found myself saying “what is going on?” The way the characters talked reminded me of the good old-fashioned Peanuts when the grownups/adults would talk. They didn’t make the same exact noise, but just a basic noise that was kind of funny. I loved the color scheme of it. The basic colors reminded me of a work day because a lot of us don’t work super-thrilling jobs and that’s how the color scheme felt; basic and bland. So, it was very relatable and that made it perfect.

Let’s Talk Again Real Quick, If You Want.

If you want a game that’s cheap and quirky yet will push you mentally, this game does the trick. I don’t mean mentally like insane, but mentally like thinking-wise, unless you’re like me and some of these puzzles make you go crazy with difficulty. There were times I wish I could phone a friend for help or use a 50-50 life line, but you can’t. This game will really test you and at the same time it’s funny with some of the quirky cartoons. Don’t worry though; at the end of it all you will find peace and sanctuary.

However, with the crazy adventure you end up going on, I can’t figure out if the main character was hanging from a good night before, or took some really good hallucinogens right before he clocked in. Either way, this is a well-rounded point and click puzzle game that is worth a playthrough.

Score: 8/10

Buy The Office Quest from the Nintendo eShop here.

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