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Game Review #414: Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: WoodmanFLG

Developer: PixelNAUTS Games

Publisher: PixelNAUTS Games

Category: Action, Adventure

Release Date: July 16, 2019

Price (at time of review): $9.99

Buy Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.


Flying around space, using all kinds of things to propel you about faster and faster until you are flying around at unheard of speeds is something some of us think about, and Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity helps you deliver on that dream, while draping the experience in a fun little narrative with lots of opportunities for high scores and completionists! It is a high-flying space adventure that might just be exactly what you are looking for! Let's delve a little more into Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity!

You Spin Me Right Round

Lost Orbit is a game that follows our friendly little bot as he finds his way across the galaxy, as he has been lost! This is shown in the opening cutscene so that we get to establish just WHY we are endlessly hurtling through space, dodging meteors, slingshotting off planets, and more! You will also make great effort to get as much “Obtainium” as you can as you complete levels, as this will get you closer to completion, AND let you upgrade your bot with better speed, boost, control, and even some more interesting effects, allowing you to eliminate obstacles in your way as you make your way through the level.

You have pretty decent control as you hurdle about, being able to steer, boost, and mega boost at the start of the game. As you continue throughout the level structure, you will get to new major areas that will introduce new mechanics as well, keeping the experience fresh as you continue on; and you see the game combine previously-introduced mechanics in new and fun ways! Lost Orbit almost looks like a vertical shoot ‘em up at first glance, but mix that high-flying, obstacle-dodging-in-space feeling with a bit of racing game speed.

In Space, No One Can Hear You… What's That Music?

Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity has some pretty awesome and haughty tunes to listen to as you fly through space. At first, I didn’t really notice it, but as you get into the game and start to really focus, the music starts to really stick with you. Never annoying or distracting, the music was a pleasant surprise in this game. The sound design is exceptional in general, honestly. The gentle roar of your rockets, the satisfying sound when you slam into a giant asteroid or slingshot off a planet is very easy on the ears. The awesome sound design in this game was a pleasant surprise that I was not expecting!

Wrapping Up

Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity is a fun little romp to pick up and play, but I occasionally found myself hitting lulls in the action where the formula just was not working for me. Overall, it was a fun little adventure to which I will be returning, I just wish it loaded a little quicker, as it would really help with the pick up and play aspect that I think would be this game’s strongest point. If you enjoy flexing your quick reactions, collecting collectibles, and hitting your high score, all on top of a quirky adventure through space, then Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity is sure to scratch that itch for you! There are some spots for improvement that could be had, and I would have liked a couple more elements, but this game is a solid 7/10; an above average game! Check it out!

Score: 7/10

Buy Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

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