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Product Review #002: Rayvol Slim Carrying Case (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewer: Allan J

Manufacturer: Rayvol


Price: $16.99

Purchase the Rayvol Slim Carrying Case from Amazon here.

Previously, I reviewed the Rayvol Deluxe Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch, the largest in the Rayvol line, which allows you to bring your entire Switch setup along with you. Today, I will take a look at the smallest of the Rayvol line of Nintendo Switch cases, the Rayvol Slim EVA Hardshell Carrying Case. This is a much more portable case, for when you just need to bring along the handheld part of your console, and maybe a few game cartridges.

What Fits in the Case?

The Rayvol Slim EVA Hardshell Carrying Case is a lightweight, portable case designed to hold the Switch console with attached Joy-Cons. This case does not hold the docking station or any other accessories, but there is a built-in game storage flap that holds up to 10 Switch cartridges. It is perfect for when I bring my Switch along with me to work, since I really don’t need any of the other accessories when I play in my car on my lunch break, and it is very compact and lightweight.

What About Construction?

This case, as with the Deluxe Case, is very solidly built. The case features a hard EVA shell, which is form-fitted to the Switch. The shell has recessed spots on the top and bottom, so that the back of the Joy-Cons fit like a glove in the case. The bottom shell has recesses to fit the back of the trigger buttons, allowing the Switch to sit flat in the case. The fit is so perfect that the Switch doesn’t even need any elastic bands to keep it in place. The top shell has perfectly-sized recesses in the shape of the Joy-Con toggles and buttons, so when the case is closed, there are no focused pressure points on the buttons. I have seen other cases that are similar in this regard, but the recesses tend to be more for show, as they are not really big enough to actually allow the toggles to fit. This basically defeats the purpose of these recesses all together, as the focused pressure points are still there.

The entire case is very well-designed and functional, down to the added rubber grip extensions on the YKK zipper grips. The material covering the EVA shell is high-quality and water-resistant as well, and is precision-crafted to fit over the shell perfectly, so you get a nice secure and snug fit when the case is zipped shut. My 2-year-old daughter, Zelda, gave the case her own stress test as well by first stepping on, then sitting on the case with my Switch inside. I am happy to report that the case held up wonderfully, and no damage at all was suffered. This case is toddler tested and approved! In addition, somehow the Rayvol case actually feels roomier and fits the Switch better than the larger “slim” case I’ve been using, and had my Switch been in that other case during the toddler test, I am not sure that the outcome would have been as favorable!

Pros and Cons – Should You Buy This?

The pros for this case yet again far outweigh the cons. There really aren’t any cons of which to speak, except maybe the lack of color options. I happen to like the grey color that it comes in, but it would be nice to have a few other options. Other than that, though, this case is amazing. I have seen others mention that they wish there were straps or bands to hold down the Switch inside the case, but as I mentioned before, the way the case is recessed really holds the Switch in place quite well without tie downs. In fact, the only reason the other cases I’ve seen seem to need these tie downs is because the console isn’t really sitting flush with the case due to the lack of these recesses.

This case is quite nice, and has become my main case for daily use. It is sturdy, well-crafted, and priced very fairly at $16.99. Rayvol is an excellent brand, and I have so far been very impressed with their line of Switch cases. I would absolutely recommend the Rayvol Slim EVA Hardshell Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch to anyone who, like me, brings their Switch with them everywhere they go. I have to give this one another 10/10, because I can’t find a single valid reason to deduct any points!

Final Score: 10/10

Purchase the Rayvol Slim Carrying Case from Amazon here.

*Case Provided by Rayvol

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