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Product Review #013: EvoRetro Gamecube Controller and 6-Foot Extension Cable

Updated: May 31, 2019

Reviewed by: Bradford E. (The Waffinator)

Company: EvoRetro

Price (at time of review): $11.60

Buy the EvoRetro GameCube Controller and 6-Foot Extension Cable on EvoRetro's store here.


Alright let me start off by stating that this is my first product review. I mean I am always buying accessories and judging them and maybe talking about them amongst peers, but this is my official, all-caps PRODUCT REVIEW. And honestly, I don’t think I could have picked a better product to start with. For this product review I am going to talk about (if you didn’t notice via the title) EvoRetro’s GameCube Controller W/6FT Extension Cable combo that you can purchase via their website for only $11.60!!!

One of my favorite older systems and favorite Nintendo systems is the GameCube. I don’t know if it was the titles it had or the endless gaming nights with many good friends but GameCube and PS2 will always be my favorites. It says it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Wii-U, and PC but the system I went with to test it is the Wii, only because my GameCube died [sad face] and I wanted to test out a GameCube style controller on well, a GameCube game!


I didn’t mess around. I went right into using the 6ft extension. The wire that is attached to the controller is about the average length of most GameCube controllers. I know extensions were a thing but I never got them. I mean, I have one for the PS2 but it was the wife’s (notice the pretense?). Man, oh man do I wish I had more of these bad boys growing up. The 6ft extension alone makes this package great because now I can sit more comfortably while playing. There is a good 5ft gap between my couch and TV so I usually have to sit on floor in front of the television or right on the edge of my couch and because of this I usually don’t play for long. So, thank you to the 6ft cable for making my GameCube play time longer and more enjoyable.

Yes, that is Luigi's Mansion. It's one of my favorites.

The controller itself fit perfectly in my hands (I would say I have average-sized hands) and was light to hold. Even thought the controller is light it holds its own. I gave it a good couple whacks and it took it just fine. You know how on a lot of older game controllers, sometimes when you got a new one the buttons would be a bit stiffer and then you would have to “break them in?” Well this bad boy is already broken in for you. I am not saying that the buttons are loose, but they aren’t stiff either. They are perfectly right where you would want buttons on a controller to be. I did notice that the right trigger has a slightly loud click noise, so if you are trying to play incognito then it might be a little tough. As for the two thumbsticks and the overall input of the buttons it is spot on. Its response time is very accurate.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I am very pleased with this controller from EvoRetro. For $11.60 for both controller and extension cable this is an absolute steal! You can purchase two cables separately but for $9.50 so for $2.10 more this combo is fantastic! Unless you have too many GameCube controllers already (even though there is no such thing as too much when it comes to controllers) then the 6ft extension cable is great! I am excited to add both to my collection and like I said making my GameCube time a little more enjoyable. Light to hold, perfectly sized, and nicely built; this controller is worth a shot!

Score: 9.5/10

Buy the EvoRetro GameCube Controller and 6-Foot Extension Cable on EvoRetro's store here.

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