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Product Review #011: EVORETRO Switch Case

Reviewer: John B.


Price: $17.92

Buy from EVORETRO's website here.

Just In Case

I’ve reviewed a surprising number of cases for the Nintendo Switch (well, only one, but I compared it to another, so that makes two… which is a big number for this sort of thing). I think the EVORETRO case is the best small-size case I’ve seen. Despite being a smaller case, it has room for every accessory you might want to bring. I reviewed the Limited Run case a while ago, and my main problem with it was that it wasn’t big enough to hold the Switch’s AC adapter. EVORETRO heard that complaint, and created a case with enough space to get the AC adapter in there and comfortably close the zipper. There is a little bulge in the top, but it still fits, and there is still room for any other accessories or cables or whatever you might want to fit in there.

As far as carrying things besides accessories, the case does that, too. The Switch fits very snugly and securely into the bottom tray of the case. There are also two flaps with space for up to 29 Switch game cards, which is more than I’ve seen in other cases this size. The case itself is as sturdy as any other case in its size class, and should protect your Switch from small drops and whatever bumps it might take when you’ve got the case in a backpack or whatever. So, if you’re looking for a small Switch carrying case, you really can’t do better than this one.

But Wait, There’s More!

I’m not really sure if this is standard or not, but when I opened the case up, I found a bunch of other stuff in there. The EVORETRO website doesn’t say anything about these other items, but it was cool to see them in there. Included were four additional items; a stylus, a Switch game card carrying case, and two sets of Joy-Con grips with thumb stick covers. The stylus… well, it’s a stylus – but it’s also a pen! The stylus end is padded and works well on the Switch’s screen and the pen side has black ink. Don’t forget which end is which or you’ll scratch up your screen.

The game card case is made of hard plastic and would fit well in a pocket or other small space. It would probably even fit in the carrying case, if somehow carrying around 29 games isn’t enough. It comes with a removable tray that fits in one of the game card slots can carry two micro SD cards; but then you’ll only be able to carry 11 games. The Joy-Con grips came in black and the Switch’s blue and red Joy-Con colors. They fit snugly around the Joy-Cons, making the Joy-Cons slightly thicker and heftier which makes them a little comfier to hold. What I really liked was the thumb stick covers, though; if you play a lot of action games, those things get quite a workout. The covers should make those sticks last a lot longer. It also makes the head of the stick bigger, which for me means better control.

The Total Package

I’m not sure if every one of these accessories comes in every case, but on the whole this is a great package. The grips, stylus, and plastic game card case are great accessories. Even if they’re not standard with the Switch case, the case itself is the best one of its size that I have seen. It’s a little more expensive than cases of comparable size, but packs more storage space for both accessories and game cards than its competitors, so it’s worth an extra couple bucks, as far as I’m concerned.

Score: 10/10, with or without the extras

Buy from EVORETRO's website here.







*Product for Review Provided by EVORETRO

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