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Product Review #022: Anima Gaming and Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Reviewer: WoodmanFLG

Manufacturer: Anima Eyewear

Price (at time of review): $59.99

Purchase From Amazon here.

Do These Things Really Work?

I know we have all seen it here in the gaming space: the big, obnoxious, plastic frame and HUGE yellow lenses “gamer glasses”. They have been around for a while, and are around even more now, as they sponsor eSports teams and such. Personally, I could never get into them, because I think they look REALLY goofy on people, and like something you'd only wear when streaming or participating in eSports events. I always wrote them off as good marketing, but figured they probably didn’t really make a big difference. Then, they started to pop up in Walmart in the “As Seen on TV” Section. This, for me, was the final nail in the coffin as far as considering these kind of things to serve a purpose other than to just be bought because of the words “HD VISION” in Impact font on top of flashy, messy boxing. Little did I know, I was about to have my opinion changed by the exception to the norm when I was approached by the creator of Anima Eyewear, which is out of Florida, where I live! If any of you guys follow me on social media, or otherwise, I’m sure you have seen that I have been rocking some beautiful glasses with an awesome metal frame and non-intrusive lens color; and that, my friends, It's the flagship model of the line, the Anima Gaming/Blue Light Blocking glasses. Let's talk a little bit more on why these sold me!

I feel completely normal wearing these on the regular, due to the fact that they look like normal, functional glasses, instead of some attention-seeking GUNNARs—or whatever the current big brand is. The Animas are lightweight, well-constructed, and for once, the blue light blocking lenses aren’t an ugly super yellow color, but instead, only have the SLIGHTEST tint difference. The technology has finally made it to where it’s in the lens, not the color plus the lens, so this pair of non-intrusive eyeglasses has made it into my daily rotation when I am gaming, writing, streaming, or otherwise! The lenses are very durable; I’m a klutz and have YET to have a single scratch appear. Seriously, I feel the build quality on these functional glasses is a HUGE highpoint for them. The metal frame and smaller size lead these to look professional, functional, and fully capable of daily wearing. I mean, crap… my girlfriend loves them just because she thinks I look GREAT in them!

We spend a lot of time looking at screens in today's society, and by blocking out blue light emitted from screens, you can help with getting to sleep, preventing headaches, and reducing eye strain! For me, personally, it helps the most with gaming before bed, and with long gaming session eye strain. Everyone’s eyes are different, but thankfully the Animas are at a good price point that make it worth trying them out to see if they improve things for you. Honestly, I think things might even look a little crisper with them on, but my eyesight isn’t great to begin with. They’re fantastic for being out and about playing the Switch—I know that! All of that, combined with a sleek, modern, everyday look has made my pair of Animas a daily wear, and a welcome addition to both my work and gaming tools, but also to my daily fashion. I give the Anima Gaming/Blue Light Blocking Glasses a 10/10. They showed me that these kinds of things really do make a difference! Get them today!

Score: 10/10

*Product was provided for review purposes.

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