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Product Review #026: TechKen XB Wireless Switch Pro Controller

Reviewer: Allan Jenks

Manufacturer: TechKen

Price: $30.97

Buy the TechKen XB Wireless Pro Controller from Amazon here.

A Very Sharp Controller...

I recently reviewed the TechKen Wireless Switch Pro Controller, and I loved it so much, I decided to try out the TechKen XB Wireless Switch Pro Controller as well. I initially was unsure what the difference was between the two—other than color—because the list prices were so different between them. The Regular black/grey version was listed for just over $26, while the XB Pro was listed at $59 (but was on sale for $29). When I asked, I was told the color was the only difference.

Well, I decided I would see for myself, and for the most part, I was not advised incorrectly, but there were a couple of other differences I noticed. For one, the LED on the XB, while still fairly bright, is nowhere near as bright as the regular Pro. I did not find it distractingly bright at all, and hardly even noticed it on unless looking directly at the controller. I know this is a small thing, but it is still important.

The other difference I noticed was the alignment of the outer shell itself; on the regular TechKen Pro I reviewed, the shell sat flush and well-fitted to itself. For the most part, the same could be said about the XB model, except for near the bottom of the inner side of the grips. Where the end of the plastic piece on top should butt up to the bottom, it seems to be slightly too large, and had a thin and sharp piece of excess plastic poking out if it. I was able to remove it by just bending it slightly and breaking it off, but it was still a bit concerning. It looks like the exact same shell as the regular controller, but blue, so I can only assume that maybe the batch my controller came from was an oddity. Either way, it was easily fixed and didn’t really sit anywhere that got in the way of my natural grip, so not a huge deal.

As far as playability and responsiveness of the controls, it was exactly the same as the regular version: very responsive, very comfortable, smooth action to the buttons, and comfortable to hold. I originally compared the regular Pro to the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and I found the TechKen Pro Controller to be slightly better on all of those points, and the same can be said with the XB version. Both controllers are USB Type-C, and they come with a charging cable. Both controllers are incredibly easy to pair with your Switch as well. The battery life is the same on both TechKen controllers—about 5 hours—which is a little less than I would prefer, but still not a bad lifespan at the end of the day. I would give this controller a 10/10 if I didn’t have to file down and smooth the edge of the casing to avoid slicing my fingers, but even with that, I still give this controller a solid 9/10.

Score: 9/10

Buy the TechKen XB Wireless Pro Controller from Amazon here.

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